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Leadership Conversation- Episode 120 with Doug Gilchrist

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Name: Doug Gilchrist

Current title: City Manager / CAO

Current organisation: City of Kelowna

Doug has been at the City of Kelowna since 2004 in varying capacities; from Property Officer to Manager of Real Estate, to Acting General Manager and Divisional Director of Community Planning and Strategic Investment, and City Manager in 2018.
With more than 20 years of experience in Federal, Provincial and municipal government, Doug believes the future of government is at the municipal level due to its tangible impacts on residents. Doug’s vision for the City is one where creativity and innovation thrive, financial accountability is a given and cooperative problem solving is the prevailing culture. He is working to create a corporation that; attracts top talent, is diverse and inviting to all, and leads the industry in every category.
Doug loves many things about Kelowna, the vibrant downtown connected to beautiful Okanagan Lake, a growing cultural scene and the four season playground that helps residents be Active by Nature. He takes advantage of the stunning routes and trails with biking, trail running and from time to time the odd waterski before the busy workday begins.
His time at the City of Kelowna has been full of the greatest and most rewarding opportunities of his career. From land development partnerships and legacy acquisitions like the Rail Corridor to social housing solutions like the Now Canada and Pleasantvale developments. He looks forward to meeting the challenges ahead and helping shape the future of Kelowna.

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