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Leadership Conversation- Episode 39 with Priyanka Khandalkar

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Name: Priyanka Khandalkar

Current title: Chief operating officer / Remote Integrator / podcaster/ leadership coach

Current organisation: Scaling to grow LLC

Priyanka is a Engineer turned Enterpreneur. She is COO/ Director of operations/ Remote Integrator for Multiple 6 figures and 7 figure online businesses. She helps them to scale their business with ease by leveraging systems, automation and delegation. She is also Host of Top 1% global ranked leadership focussed podcast for entrepreneurs called Show up with Priyanka . She is trainer/ coach for Tony Robbins and Dean Garziosis students and has coached 1200 students alone in 2021. She is Leadership coach for other Operations executive and have successfully coached 143 Director of operations in 2021 to strengthen their leadership. She is Author of the top ranked book worldwide “wings of a woman”. She has impacted 3 millions worldwide by her work and major media appearance in News and Newspaper. She was awarded in 2021 as top women influencer of India.

She currently lives in Portland Oregon with her husband and 4 year old daughter Anvika.

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