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Leadership Conversations Podcast Episode with Lindsay Hua

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Name: Lindsay Hua

Current title: VP, Global Deployment

Current organization: Afiniti

Lindsay has two decades of track record as a global technology leader. She has grown her career in various industries such as consumer packaged goods (Procter & Gamble), hardware and software services (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), telecommunications (T-Mobile USA), and most recently she's working at a unicorn company that focuses on Artificial Intelligence (Afiniti). Throughout her career, she has played many technology roles such as system analyst, global application owner, project implementation lead, service delivery manager, account manager, digital transformation, product and solutions lead, head of DevOps, and most recently Global Deployment executive leader. Each role played a part on how she grew as a woman leader in the technology space today.

She is also currently an executive board member for Ignite Worldwide, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge the gender gap and bring equitable education and career opportunities to young girls and women around the world. This non-profit organization has served over 80,000 young girls around the world and is expanding its footprint

She graduated Cum Laude at Ateneo de Manila University as a Management Engineering major. She's worked in several countries such as the Philippines, Poland, Canada, and now in the USA. She now lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two young kids.

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