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Thank you to the 1646 leaders who’ve generously done the 7 questions! I hope reading 7 Questions with

Wong Kin Tung

helps you in your leadership.

Wong Kin Tung

Wong Kin Tung

Name: Wong Kin Tung

Title: Principal

Organisation: Sekolah Sri UCSI Kuala Lumpur

Wong is the Principal of Sekolah Sri UCSI Kuala Lumpur, under the UCSI Schools Group. Prior to joining UCSI Schools Group, Mr Wong vowed to undertake a 'historic mission' and start a 'new chapter’ for the education history of Ipoh, Perak by setting up the Imperial International School, the first of the newly established Imperial Education Group of schools under the HCK Group as Chief Executive and Founding Principal.

He led the School in stages of the process to be an approved Cambridge School with Cambridge Assessment International Education and joining the global network of Cambridge schools offering Cambridge education programmes. Here, he had the first-hand experience of establishing a start-up international school by driving his experience into action, laying the groundwork and setting the tone for an inspiring, conducive, and welcoming school climate, but also setting the cornerstones of beliefs and practices for the vision he would cast as leader. Mr Wong was also the Head of the National School at Tenby Schools Ipoh, a well-established private school in Perak, Malaysia and has served as a teacher, school improvement team leader and vertical leader for 11 years.

He was one of the pioneer teachers in setting up the Tenby A-Levels programme. He was also assigned to be the Mentor Teacher for the delivery of the Cambridge Professional Qualification in Teaching and Learning to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice. He has worked with the senior leadership of cross-functional teams sharing good practices and developing a cross-functional based curriculum by making appropriate links between the local and international syllabi. To enhance his insight into teaching and to be a competent and professional teacher, he completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Education (History) with Distinction at Queen’s University Belfast, a prestigious Russell Group UK university.

He is also a CIE- trained teacher as he has completed the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. In addition, he earned his Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees from the University of London. He has obtained the Advanced Diploma in Accounting from the Institute of Financial Accountants, UK. He is a Life Member of the Queen’s University Alumni Association Malaysia and the Old Michaelian’s Association, Ipoh. Wong is a Microsoft Certified Educator and Common Sense Education Educator. His outstanding achievements were honoured during the Private Education Excellence Awards 2022, an awards ceremony held in conjunction with the national Teachers Day Celebration 2022. Mr Wong Kin Tung has been honoured with the National Outstanding Educator Award 2022 by the Koperasi Pendidikan Swasta Malaysia Bhd or known as the Private Education Co-operative of Malaysia (Educoop).

1. What have you found most challenging as a leader?

As one progresses and responsibilities increase, the scope and focus of what they lead broaden exponentially. Therefore, a work life balance will be a challenge. Do not have enough time to do everything while setting the framework and at the same time to build up the culture and values in my team. Being a leader, we don’t just do things, we change things.

2. How did you become a leader? Can you please briefly tell the story?

It wasn’t my choice at all. It happened as a result of trust from my former line managers. Then, it leads to good records, reputation, trusted and leadership style. Being as an executive is not about title or the role, it is about being a role model for my team members to help them learn and be the best at what their focus areas are. Everyone who has the right attitude will achieve great results.

3. How do you structure your work days from waking up to going to sleep?

A cup of coffee at 5.00 am during work days. I do not believe in crazy work-hours. After office working hours, I will not be touching any work-related matters! Have a great dinner and a glass of wine especially during weekends.

4. What's a recent leadership lesson you've learned for the first time or been reminded of?

Although being a leader is not within my traditional comfort zone but it has been a hugely rewarding experience. Leadership is an attitude and it is not dependent on the role you are at nor related to age. Just being at the top does not make you a leader too.

5. What's one book that has had a profound impact on your leadership so far? Can you please briefly tell the story of how that book impacted your leadership?

Hersey-Blanchard’s Situational Leadership. There is no single leadership style is better than another. Successful leaders are those who can adapt their behaviour to meet the demands of their unique situation.

6. If you could only give one piece of advice to a young leader, what would you say to them?

Be firm, fair and transparent in making decisions. Trustworthy leaders are genuine people. I do not hide my beliefs or behave differently in order to exercise my authority. Very often, I like to build leaders around me especially when talents are found. I do not micromanage from time to time, but I give free hands, total freedom and opportunities to my team to shine and to let them know what is goal to achieve is and guide them along the journey and let them feel the self-achievements.

7. What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as a leader, so far?

Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see. Everyone matters for running an organisation successfully, even a cleaning staff or a gardener.

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