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Church Conferences
3 Month Transformation Guarantee
If you're not starting to see transformation—personally, in your team or across your church— after 3 months of working with us, then we'll gladly refer you to someone else.
Keynote 1
Forming healthy people: What do you do when your people are doing it tough?
Leadership is about more than achieving the vision of a school. It’s about loving people.

In this keynote, Jonno tells his story of battling anxiety when he was youth pastor at a church in Australia. For Jonno, it was the most difficult year of his life but also the most formational year for him—both as a leader and as a person.
His story will inspire you to support those who are doing it tough and to play your part in helping to form healthy people.
Keynote 2
Forming healthy teams: How to build a high-performance team from the ground up

“Building a strong team is both possible and remarkably simple. But it is painfully difficult” - Patrick Lencioni

A high-performance team is measured by one thing: results. But if you want to build a high-performance team that's not where you start. Instead, you need to start with humility and trust.

In this keynote, Jonno White from Clarity for Churches, a consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia, unpacks two Lencioni frameworks he uses to help church leaders to build high-performance teams that grow the Kingdom of God.

Workshop track 1
Purpose part one: Leadership, purpose and Biblical worldview

As Simon Sinek says, great leaders ‘start with why’. As Christians, we have a unique why because of our Biblical worldview. Great leaders understand this and lead from a purpose founded on God’s big story with Jesus as the hero.

In this session, Jonno will help you to shift your thinking beyond yesterday, today and tomorrow to the ultimate purpose of your leadership: a God-ordained thread in His big story—the most significant story there ever was, or ever will be, for all of eternity.

Purpose part two: Finding your calling
Why do you exist? Yes, you’re part of God’s big story, but there’s also a unique plan for your life that’s just yours and nobody else’s. As Christians, we often refer to this as your ‘calling’. So, how do you find your calling?
In this session, Jonno will take you on a brief journey to more clearly understand your unique calling—helping you to find more clarity in your current context and to step into the future God has for your life.

Purpose part three: How to inspire your people

How do you inspire the people in your team and at your church to achieve buy-in? We all want to lead people who want to be there and who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve results.
In this session, Jonno will provide training on the key to inspiring the people around you so you can turn skeptics into fans and fans into bought-in team players who are as committed as you are to the vision of your church.
Workshop track 2
Wellbeing part one: Finding meaning in the mundane

How much meaning we find in our ministry impacts our wellbeing. So, what can we do to help staff and volunteers—ourselves included—to find more meaning in ministry?

In this workshop, Jonno will demonstrate a process that helps people to identify what is most meaningful to them. You’ll walk away with an understanding of the process and how to facilitate it—whether just for you and one other person or across your church.

Wellbeing part two: Building healthy relationships

Our wellbeing is directly related to the health of our relationships with God, family, friends and our colleagues at work. So, how healthy are the relationships in your life?

In this session, Jonno will give you a chance to reflect on the health of your relationships and how you might be able to take them to another level in order to increase your wellbeing.

Wellbeing part three: Leadership and longevity

Leadership isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Sprinters might experience short-term wins but at an incredible cost—their longevity. On the other hand, marathon runners can experience long-term, sustained success by prioritising their spiritual, mental and physical health with the same rigour they use to approach things like theology, strategy and Sunday services.

In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your current pace and what you need to do in order to achieve longevity in your leadership.

Workshop track 3
Building a high-performance team
Building a high-performance team part one: Finding and keeping great people on your team

The people you want to find—and keep—on your team will be attracted to some behaviours and deterred by others. So what are the behaviours of a great team player?

In this session, Jonno will unpack Patrick Lencioni’s three traits of an ideal team player, giving you the chance to reflect on the three traits for yourself, the people around you and how you can use these traits to build a high-performance team.

Building a high-performance team part two: DISC behaviour profiling for team leaders and team members

High-performance teams are built on a foundation of vulnerability. In this session, Jonno will unpack DISC behaviour profiling—one of the most powerful tools you can use to build vulnerability in your team.

You’ll experience an interactive and engaging workshop designed for you to be able to replicate and facilitate for your own team in order to build vulnerability and to increase performance.

Building a high-performance team part three: Leadership and the art of empowering delegation

Leaders of high-performance teams know how to delegate. Instead of clinging to control—or dumping tasks on team members—these leaders master the art of empowering delegation.

In this session, Jonno will unpack three phases of empowering delegation—a framework to help you to empower the people in your team in a way that’s healthy for you and for them so you can achieve greater things together in your community.

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