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why do we exist?
Clarity for Churches exists to see a day where churches are the healthiest organisations in the world.
At the moment, it's a challenging environment for churches around the world. It breaks our hearts to see frustrated leaders and disempowered employees and volunteers in churches.
Clarity for Churches is a nonprofit organisation that exists to reverse this trend so we see a day where churches aren't just thriving, but are considered the healthiest organisations in the world.
We believe that when churches thrive, the pastors, staff and volunteers at our churches can fulfil their potential and our community can thrive as Jesus builds His Church.
we speak well of others
we are realistic about what we can do well and how long it will take
we keep clear boundaries between work and the rest of life
what do we do?
As a nonprofit, we provide leadership coaching, training and consulting to senior leaders of churches - with a focus on Patrick Lencioni's frameworks of organisational health.
Our business model is to charge a fee to churches to work with us so there is buy-in but to subsidise through donations so we can do high-quality, high-level and transformational work with churches—often well beyond their means.
how can you get involved?
If you're a board member, senior pastor or senior leader of a church and you're interested in leadership coaching, training or consulting to help your church, then we'd love to work with you.
For anyone and everyone else with a passion to see churches become the healthiest organisations in the world, why don't you consider giving life to a church? Your donation will help us work with the leaders of churches that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it and you'll play an important part in our community thriving as Jesus builds His Church.
Contact us below to find out how you we can help your church or how you can donate.
contact us

we would love to hear from you, feel free to contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels
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