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3 Month Transformation Guarantee
If you're not starting to see transformation—personally, in your team or across your organisation— after 3 months of working with us, then we'll gladly refer you to someone else.
Clarity for  the Education Sector
At Clarity for the Education Sector, we're passionate about investing in people to become everything they're meant to be. We exist to see a day where organisations in the education sector will be amongst the healthiest in the world.
We provide one-on-one coaching and consulting to develop employee and customer surveys and present keynotes and workshops at conferences and for staff teams.
Meet Jonno White
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Jonno White is the founder of Clarity for the Education Sector, a consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia, that exists to see a day where the education sector will be amongst the healthiest organisations in the world.
Jonno is passionate about investing in people to become everything they’re meant to be.
Clarity for the Education Sector helps through one-on-one coaching and customer surveys and keynotes and workshops for conferences and staff teams.
Coaching and Consulting
Clarity for the Education Sector provides coaching and consulting to leaders of the education sector.
Safe space
Our one-on-one coaching sessions and board and executive team offsites are a private and confidential space.
Deep work
We help board members, CEOs and executives to do the deep work necessary to achieve long-term results in areas like organisational values, employee wellbeing, purpose, leadership development and strategic planning. 
We work best with leaders who are desperate to see transformation in their personal leadership, in their teams and across their organisation. The ultimate measure of our success is the transformation that our clients experience.
we will differentiate ourselves by:
investing based on long term potential
growing organically and through networks
doing high quality work
Keynotes and Workshops
Clarity for the Education Sector presents keynotes and workshops at conferences and for staff teams on topics including purpose, employee wellbeing and building high-performance teams.
Forming healthy people: What do you do when your people are doing it tough?

Forming healthy teams: How to build a high-performance team from the ground up.

Employee Wellbeing
Building a high-performance team
Contact us

We would love to hear from you, feel free to book a phone call or to contact us directly by phone, email or via our social media channels.
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