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Jonno White is a highly regarded Head of School Coach who specializes in empowering Heads of Schools and fostering growth within their teams. His coaching style is characterized by a gentle and warm approach, emphasizing self-reflection and personal development.

Jonno has a unique ability to create a safe and powerful space for leaders to explore their potential and find direction in their professional journeys. His “less is more” philosophy allows clients to uncover their own insights, making the coaching process both transformative and energizing.

He offers practical wisdom and real-world applicability extending beyond theoretical knowledge, providing practical steps and fostering a deep understanding of each individual's role within a larger organizational mission.

His approach, which involves asking insightful questions to guide clients to their own solutions, ensures that the coaching experience is both personal and impactful, leading to significant breakthroughs in leadership and professional practice.

Emily Hynes
"Jonno’s coaching with our team has been instrumental in us growing individually as leaders and together as a leadership team. Even the most seemingly insignificant conversation starter has played a role in our development, and the little moments of wisdom and advice from Jonno along the way have been gold. Jonno is a coach without dominance – he can spark a conversation that helps us produce defining moments for ourselves. A truly empowering coach, I couldn’t recommend him enough."
Lyndall Waters
"In the one on one coaching, it’s Jonno’s gentle and warm manner, his “less is more” approach and his genuine desire to facilitate growth in leaders which all combine to create a rare space in which self-reflection is safe, powerful and revealing.  Working with Jonno has helped me to consider all aspects of my leadership work, find direction for future endeavors, and has energized me for the road ahead."
Paul Thompson

"We had the privilege of having Jonno work with our organisation through individual coaching sessions, small group work with leadership and collectively as a whole school.


Jonno helped us understand where each individual fits within the bigger picture of the College’s mission and how each staff member has been called to this College for such a time as this.


Working with Clarity provided opportunity for our individual and collective purpose to be refined and understood within the bigger (picture)."

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