meet Jonno White
Before founding Clarity for Christian Schools, Jonno was youth pastor at one of Australia's largest churches, Gateway Baptist Church in Brisbane. After inheriting a team of 30 volunteers, Jonno realised he didn't know how to get his team rowing in the same direction or how to build a healthy youth ministry.
Then he came across Patrick Lencioni's book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. After reading it in one night, Jonno started implementing Lencioni's frameworks through youth ministry. In the next couple of years his team nearly doubled and, more importantly, he was able to build a healthy youth ministry.
Jonno's passion to invest in people to become everything they're meant to be and to fill the world with healthy organisations that build the Church led him to start Clarity for Christian Schools. Since then, he's had the honour of presenting at Christian Schools Australia's National Conference, Northern Territory Christian Schools' Annual Conference and Queensland's Associated Christian Schools Administration Day.
He is married to Liz and loves reading, watching movies, playing sport and trying new cafes and restaurants with Liz.
we speak well of others
we are realistic about what we can do well and how long it will take
we keep clear boundaries between work and the rest of life
Our leadership coaches walks alongside senior leaders of Christian schools as a sounding board for important decisions.
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investing based on long term potential
growing organically and through networks
doing high quality work
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