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7 Questions with Shreekumar Nair

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7 Questions with Shreekumar Nair

Name: Shreekumar Nair

Current title: CEO & Managing Director

Current organisation: Key Value Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hey! I am Shreekumar Nair – CEO at Key Value Technologies Pvt Ltd. Well I belong to the Nair Family in Kerala (Gods Own Country) in India. I did my education with Technical BackGround in Computer Science and Networking Technology in Navi Mumbai. Later I got to work in the year 1993 with SBM (IBM) in Saudi Arabia which gave me many opportunities to grow and be certified in many IBM non IBM products. I live in Pune in Maharashtra with my Wife Sunitha (House Wife) and Daughter Shreelakshmi (BA). Recently daughter is engaged to Mr. Suchit (Employed in Abu Dhabi). I had been working in the IT field for the last 25 Years and worked for leading companies like IBM, Microworld, Accel ICIM Ltd, Quick Heal Limited, ESDS and now managing Key Value Technologies Pvt Ltd as CEO and expanding our business in India and Abroad countries. We are in to complete IT Solutions & Services, Consultancy, Security Services and Cloud Solutions including managed IT services for various industries.

Started with a vision in mind to grow as a trusted partner for individuals and all customers. My Wife and Daughter are also involved in growing the team and company and they have a vital role in the company’s growth. During my services I was able to achieve to travel more than 30+ countries and established channel partners and direct business with In Middle East, Africa, & South East Asia Countries including Russia & CIS Regions.

With wide reach and contacts in the market, today I am able to focus on my business by selling products and services to many individuals and corporations in the market. All that is because TRUST between your connection plays an important role which needs to be maintained at all times. Thanks to all my Family, Friends, partners, customers, LinkedIn, and other social media connections for their support.

7 Questions with Shreekumar Nair


1. What have you found most challenging as a CEO or executive of a large enterprise?

In fact every day is a challenge in life. The first challenge we cross is in the morning when you wake up from the bed, and say thanks to the creator for giving you another day. Getting up in the morning and dedicating your 10 minutes to simple yoga or meditation will be able to plan your day. It’s not an easy challenge to do it every day, but one has to follow these rules to face any challenges that you come across. Of course by doing this simple step you will be able to gain more dedication, ideas, positive energy, fitness and result with success against any challenges. When I was Sales Executive planning was one of the challenges I used to face every day, to overcome jotting plans was easy but maintaining was difficult. I learned that TIME is the most important challenge for me because it does not stop for anyone. I took the step TIME for TIME Strategy to overcome it. Simply I gave Value for My Time & Others Time. Whether it is Family, Friends, Vendors or Customers I ensured that not to waste either, just whatever you do, DO IT IN TIME and keep going…

2. How did you become a CEO or executive of a large enterprise? Can you please briefly tell the story?

It took me 25 Years to reach in CEO position, it is not a small time in life. After my schooling I did Computer Science with a background of Accountancy and started working on a contract basis as Assistant in the Sales & Marketing Department in IBM (SBM) Saudi Arabia, which gave me an opportunity to work with Key Decision makers and leaders in the Sales & Marketing Department. I was able to learn more about IBM technology and got certified in many IBM products and practically learned, Bidding, Sales, Marketing even Setting up Competency center for IBM products in Jeddah. Their after my goal was to move in to Sales as my carrier. It encouraged me to do not only selling products or solutions but also was able to meet more and more people across many countries. I found that Time, Reach and Relation is key success for any business. All other will follow you. You can learn Technology, You can Make Money but Reaching Right Market, Meeting Right People, and In Right Time is not a task but should be Passion with a Vision and Mission to make it success. All that I was able to work in leading companies like Accel ICIM Ltd, Microworld, Quick Heal Limited, ESDS Solutions, which gave me an opportunity to reach in more than 36+ countries and had established wide network with Retail, Corporate & Enterprise market. Different culture, language, business ethics, different policy but all led with a good reach and trust in all my way.

3. How do you structure your work days from waking up to going to sleep?

Getting up in the morning is one of the best things I like. I look at Sun Rise and pray for a better day ahead. I love to stay near rivers, valleys and with beautiful birds and animals as I love Nature. But it’s just a dream for now, and I am staying in a city with buildings, noise and pollution. I normally wake up between 6:00 – 6:30 AM. after getting normal routines and meditating for 30 Minutes and getting most of the ideas after waking from the meditation and plans for the day. I have made one of my rooms as Office and I get into the Office Room and Switch on my laptop and other devices. Checks mail, and continues to write, reply, study new technology, prepare presentations, proposals, invoice, banking, etc. Then I will have Breakfast with my family and spare 30 minutes to 1 hour with family and other normal routines at home like watering plants, helping my wife in the kitchen by chopping vegetables, etc… By the way I am a good cook and whenever I get time, I cook for my family and friends. Even In society I had prepared food for 600 persons at a time. At 9:30 AM our office starts and our employees work along with me and support them as and when they require. I encourage my team to learn new technology, and lead them to work with proper planning and following up with vendors, customers with Self-discipline that makes them happy and others too. 6:30 PM Evening we pack for the day and get back home. Get fresh and again divert 30 Minutes for Meditation and relax with family by sharing the day experience, jokes, Some days I sing song, plays music, does some entertainment activities and reads books on technology, inspirational books and watch Media, News, You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn and whatever that gives me information, and makes me/us happy. We have dinner between 9:00 and 10:00 at night and go to sleep before 12:00 Midnight.

4. What's the most recent significant leadership lesson you've learned?

Never Give UP!... Keep Going Whether it is CORONA, Full of Struggle, Bad Times or whatever… Time keeps you teaching new lessons every day. We should keep learning from the mistakes but should not repeat the mistakes.
SAVE & SHARE is one of the two Lessons that I have learnt during these days. COVID 19 taught a big lesson to most of the organisation, personal or government.
1. One has to SAVE OWN Life so that you can SHARE Happiness
2. One has to SAVE Others Life so that you can SHARE Humanity
3. One has to SAVE Money and so that you can SHARE the Poor
4. One has to SAVE Water and so that you can SHARE environment
5. One has to SAVE Energy and so that you can SHARE the Nature
6. One has to SAVE Food so that you can SHARE The Animals
7. One has to SAVE Time and so that you can SHARE with Family & Friends
8. One has to SAVE Medicine and so that no one will SHARE a painful death.

In Short SAVE & SHARE with your team or with calique’s in your organisation and it will lead you & the organisation to success.

5. What's one book that has had a profound impact on your leadership so far? Can you please briefly tell the story of how that book impacted your leadership?

Dictionary… which made me attractive as it has all the meaning of all words. You have to select the right one for your life and act accordingly… I often read books, but one short book “Who Moved My Cheese” by DR. Spencer Johnson had inspired me as it taught me to adapt to Changes in life, with that I added my flavor Admire Changes Accomplish Success…

6. How do you build leadership capacity in a large enterprise?

As a Chief Executive Officer in Short it is known as (CEO) and in my thoughts/words I say it as (CEO- Care Every One) Being a leader we have to care for everyone including our employees, vendors, customers and our machineries and assets. Rather than just leading a team and I believe in making many leaders in the team. A leader must have quality of Thinking, Listening, Learning, Discover, Invent, Sharing, Changes, Success will follow in that organisation without any delay.

7. What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as a CEO or executive of a large enterprise so far?

I don’t have a story to share as I feel every day I meet people and listen to a new, different story, all is about Job, Money, Wealth, Happiness either it may be emotional, or related to party, politics, educational, business loss, needs and only on needs. I feel the best when I play with Children’s and listen to Senior citizens.

Don’t Look at people by their looks, Respect everybody in your life. I learnt this in my career. Once I went to make a laptop sale in a builder’s office. I was sitting with Laptop in my hand at reception to meet the Director of the company. One old man came to me and sat next to me. He was wearing a Kurta & Dhoti (Traditional Maharashtrian dress) which was full of mud, and almost smelling. He asked me what was in my hand. I said Laptop. He was quiet for some time. Again he asked me if he didn’t understand what a Laptop is. I got two thoughts in my mind. First Thought came to mind was “This guy is smelling and I want to keep away from him, he is irritating me”. Again he asked me what Laptop is. Second Thought came in my mind “He is Old and do not know what is Laptop he might be a construction labour, However let me answer him” As sales guy I smiled and told him that it is a machines which will able to design your building that you construct, it will enable to make bills, you can see picture, listen music and so on said few features” He smiled and got up from the chair… meanwhile, One of the Director came out at the same time the OLD MAN said to the Director Son Please buy this Laptop it will be useful for you. The old man went outside as his driver came to lift him up. I came to know that he was the chairman of the company and the other Director was his son. I got the order but it surprised me a lot and I kept on thinking for a few days. If I could have ignored him I could have lost the order but more than that I have learnt to Respect Everyone.

It’s just a start for me as a CEO, however I have to learn a lot more from the people and from many existing leaders in the world, it’s an on-going process as we keep on moving ahead we will learn more and more in our day to day life.

Respect everyone is the only “Mantra” that I Admire

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