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Leadership Conversation- Episode 42 with Lisa Askwith

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Name: Lisa Askwith

Current title: Director

Current organisation: Apex BRS

Lisa Askwith- Director APAC- Apex BRS
B.A., A.P.M.A. accredited, T.A.E., Professor Cambridge
Corporate University. Multiple Board and Chair roles

Lisa is both formally qualified and highly experienced in the many different aspects of business success and people management. Having started her career with a degree in Arts majoring in psychology, Lisa quickly joined the corporate environment. Where she applied her learned people management and assessment skills to the corporate management and sales worlds. Moving up through the ranks from Sales Training, to Sales Management, Senior Account Management and ultimately Regional Leadership roles.

Lisa has had success in every aspect of a company from ground up, focusing on a range of areas such as people and sales management, regional and global strategy, warehousing and distribution through to tender management and acquisitions. Having held senior roles for several Global companies over the last 25 years, with over 10 years of that time spent in the Pharmaceutical arena, Lisa has had the opportunity to gain a very thorough insight into just what makes a company successful, and how to go about addressing issues that are holding it back.

In her own words;

“I have gained experience across many industries and all aspects of business from the ground up. I strongly believe a company can only be successful via working positively with its people, both internally and externally. I offer company’s an approach to their business that is not just numbers, strategies, product lines and boxes to tick, but a tailored service that meets their core needs and helps them develop into successful businesses that are driven by passionate and successful people. Giving them the advantage of surviving over the long term. I love my work and am passionate about success.

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