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Leadership Conversations Podcast Episode with Ajay Ganti

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Name: Ajay Ganti

Current title: Chief Executive Officer

Current organisation: Al Seeb Technical Establishment LLC SARCO

A management graduate from the London School of Economics Ajay Ganti has been serving as CEO for Sarco since 2010.
Established in 1977, Sarco is today a leading Company for Marketing, Distribution, Retailing & Projects of Electronics, Home Appliances, Mobile phones, IT Hardware, Office Automation, Luxury/Lifestyle, & Air-conditioning solutions. Sarco is a part of Al Mana Group of Qatar which is a highly reputed & leading business house in Qatar.
Ajay is an innovator, a shaper, an effective manager due to his team skills and organizing cum execution capabilities he has successfully worked with Indian and Multinational organizations in India and abroad. His adaptive nature and high nervous energy have made him a success with start-ups, turnarounds as well as steady-state organizations. Currently, he is the CEO of SARCO and he has worked with organizations like Elekta Gulf, Sony India Pvt Ltd & Kitchen Appliances India Ltd (Kenstar) in the last 28 years and has met success at all places due to his ‘Ethics and hard work have no alternative’ motto.
Ajay is an entrepreneurial, innovative executive with extensive business and management experience within highly competitive markets and fast-paced environments. A charismatic business leader, with demonstrated success in executing and implementing strategies, managing diverse teams in producing quantifiable results, and exceeding clients’ expectations. He is a strategic expert with a flair for successfully analyzing an organization's critical business requirements, identifying deficiencies and potential opportunities, and adopting the pragmatic approach in improvising on technically robust solutions and resolving complex issues. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines and global units to drive positive change, cohesive, comprehensive business approaches, and enhanced profitability.
Ajay is a person who provides a vital spark. He is imaginative and original and produces lots of ideas. He is independent, unorthodox, radical, and forthright. Due to the above, he was able to contribute and be associated with the successes of Samsung in Oman. He believes that the consumers even if they do not know how to articulate will tell you what they want, provided you are willing to spend time observing and understanding them. He pushed his organizations to roll out innovative products that bring great bottom-line benefits to the organizations. He is a big business success in the field of Retail and distribution with world-class brands.
During his tenure at Sarco, he fuelled an explosive growth in revenue by adding up additional revenue streams like Mobile phones, IT Hardware, Digital Signage & E-Learning solutions, commercial air-conditioning solutions, etc. With his innovative retail therapy and focus on channel and B2B sales along with the restructuring of the organization, he was instrumental in taking Sarco’s business to dizzy heights in the last 13 years.
Ajay has acquired expertise and demonstrates a natural flair for a business turnaround, distinctive revenue growth, disruptive ideation to circumvent difficult business environment, channel restructuring, product management, negotiating better business terms, remodelling and optimization of resources to maximize bottom line and highly productive relationship management across the business universe.
He forms high-performing teams with participative leadership by empowering yet creating interdependency by alignment on purpose. He is task and future-focused. He encourages creativity and innovation. He has been very successful in not only strategizing but ensuring successful execution all through his career.
He has been listed amongst the 100 most influential CEOs in Oman in the September 2018 issue of Oman Economic Review a leading business magazine. He is also an active member of YPO (formerly Young Presidents' Organization) which is a global network of young Chief Executives with approximately 24,000 members in more than 130 countries.

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