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Leadership Conversations Podcast Episode with Imtiaz Abdul Kader

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Name: Dr Imtiaz Abdul Kader

Current title: CIO Absa Insurance

Current organisation: Absa Group

Imtiaz is a proud father of 2 and a researcher in the field of Strategy Execution and Leveraging Advanced Technologies to enable growth. He also works as an Executive in the Banking Industry He has had exposure across all domains in the ICT sector from an academic and practitioner perspective. Besides his 24 years’ experience in the ICT sector across the Telecoms and Banking domains, he holds a Masters in Engineering degree and a Doctorate. He has led large diverse teams to deliver enterprise programmes across multiple domains, including the Digital Strategy Definition and Execution. He also recently published his book Away the Box, focusing on understanding organisations and how technology can be leveraged to grow an organisation and the economy holistically. He continues to research the adoption of bleeding edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Quantum Computing.

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