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Leadership Conversations Podcast Episode with Troy Setter

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Troy joined CPC in early June 2014. Troy is one of the top cattlemen and agribusiness leaders in the country and well-renowned for his achievements across the industry. As Chief Operating Officer for the Australian Agricultural Company, he successfully executed a 3-year strategic plan to restructure the company’s operations and diversify sales to new markets, invest in and divest assets, develop and implement the genetic improvement strategy and increase profitability and herd size. Prior to that, Troy held key management positions at Torrens Investments, North Australian Cattle Company and Killara Feedlot.
Troy began his career at Twynam Agricultural Group whilst completing a degree in Rural Science from the University of New England. Troy has completed further study including the Agribusiness program at Harvard Business School and the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course. Throughout his career Troy has been responsible for all aspects of the supply chain, from cereal and fibre cropping, grain and grass fed cattle operations, domestic and international logistics, trading and shipping through to genetic improvement, beef and cattle marketing, broad strategy development, investment and finance.

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