7 Questions with leaders of small and medium enterprises

Read insights and thoughts from leaders of small and medium enterprises around the world.

Thank you to the amazing leaders of SMEs who have answered our 7 questions so far, we hope you find their answers helpful for you in your leadership journey!

7 Questions with Andrew Olsen

Name: Andrew Olsen

Current title: President

Current organisation: Altus Marketing

Andrew has spent 20+ years crafting winning marketing and fundraising campaigns for nonprofits. Andrew leads Altus Marketing to deliver maximum value and revenue growth for our partners. He’s also a two-time best-selling author and host of The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast.

7 Questions with Jacquie C Cohen Roth

Name: Jacquie C Cohen Roth

Current title: Founder/CEO

Current organisation: CannabizMD + Tea Pad

7 Questions with ROBERT Henry REJMANIAK


Current title: VP of Marketing, Sales, and Service

Current organisation: NJRaas.com

High-caliber general and operating management qualifications, strong orientations in marketing, service, and business development, and proven team building, partnership building and leadership abilities. Skilled in leveraging all aspects of organizational resources and strengths – people, capital, technology, product/service offering, competitive positioning – to drive strong operating and financial results.

7 Questions with kais khadhraoui

Name: kais khadhraoui

Current title: CEO & Founder

Current organisation: Fulfillment Bridge

With a background in Finance and management ( MSc from IHEC Carthage and MBA from Strasbourg management school)I started my career in Fintech where I spent more than 14 years providing cutting edge financial solutions to global banks and stock exchanges and running successful Multi Millions projects at global scale. I decided 10 years ago to start my entrepreneurial adventure in the eCommerce industry. I discovered similarities in both fields which made it easier for me to provide high quality eCommerce related services inspired from the Fintech world. My ultimate goal is to create a leading global eCommerce solution following the high standards adopted in the financial industry.

7 Questions with James Bennett

Name: James Bennett

Current title: Chief Executive Officer

Current organisation: We are well

Impact Entrepreneur, Innovator and Marketing Strategist leading a movement in wellness and sustainability

7 Questions with Subhiksha

Name: Subhiksha

Current title: CEO

Current organisation: The Skanda Corp

Engineer turned into an Entrepreneur. Started my career as sales executives. Life took many turns and made me land as a Marketing CEO serving currently 20+ companies.

7 Questions with Steve Brown

Name: Steve Brown

Current title: CEO

Current organisation: ROI Online

Steve Brown believes you, as an entrepreneur, are the invisible hero of today’s economy. You provide products and services that improve our lives and you also provide jobs for people with families and dreams. As an entrepreneur himself, an author, and podcast host, Steve knows what you face today as you fight to grow your business. And his mission is to help you avoid all the mistakes he’s made while trying to navigate the modern world of marketing.

7 Questions with Gaurav Henry

Name: Gaurav Henry

Current title: CEO

Current organisation: Hindistan Dukkan

Gaurav Henry is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder at Hindistan Dükkan. His ambition is to bridge the gap of getting high-quality hand-beaded Indian fabrics and bridal wear into the Turkish market. The synergies of Indian and Turkish markets were quite fascinating for him, and his better half helped him streamline the processes and eventually set-up Hindistan Dükkan

7 Questions with David Tile

Name: David Tile

Current title: Founder & Director

Current organisation: Nimble Media
David is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first small business online 10 years ago. And today it continues to grow with a team of 25.

7 Questions with Michael Dutcher

Name: Michael Dutcher

Current title: CEO/co-founder

Current organisation: bspoketv

Prior to bspoketv, Mr. Dutcher was the Executive VP in charge of content acquisitions. Under his leadership WhereverTV negotiated distribution agreements with NBC/Universal, Scripps, A&E, and many more.
Prior to WhereverTV, Mr. Dutcher was founder/managing partner of Strategic Revolution a leading full-service digital marketing consultancy focused on leveraging social platforms to further client’s overall sales and marketing initiatives. Strategic Revolutions clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
Mr. Dutcher was the COO/GM of Dim Mak while at Dim Mak Mr. Dutcher was responsible for forming a joint venture with Downtown Music/Universal Music, creating Dim Mak Music Publishing, Dim Mak Collection, Dim Mak Concert Promotions, Dim Mak Branding and Dim Mak Radio underwritten by Microsoft. While at Dim Mak Mr. Dutcher assisted major brands such as Diesel, BMP/Over America, 55DSL, KREW, Plantronics, Zune, ScanDisk, Microsoft and others on how to market successfully into the 18-34 year old demographic. Dim Mak Records is recognized as the worldwide leader in dance music with artists such as MSTRKRFT, Armand Van Helden, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Motor, Bloc Party, The Kills and more. Under Mr. Dutcher’s tenure Dim Mak grew from an independent record label into a fully integrated media/branding company.
Mr. Dutcher was a co-founder of MeTV Networks, Inc., an Over The Top (OTT) IPTV network, he worked with all of the major film companies, cable networks, and television networks. During his tenure Mr. Dutcher was involved with the creation of the IP distribution window for full length feature films that had a wide theatrical release and home television agreements. Further Mr. Dutcher created a methodology that allowed MeTV to be first to market with standard television channels such as E!, style, Ovation and the like to be delivered over OTT; exactly like cable or satellite providers. He has substantial experience in the acquisition and implementation of content into established and new entertainment distribution systems.

7 Questions with Andrew Murphy

Name: Andrew Murphy

Current title: Founder and Director of Hydrogen and Energy Transition

Current organisation: RHC IMZADI Consulting

Andrew Murphy began his career in Clean Energy and Innovation at Shell where he acted as Platform Leader: Advanced Biofuel Options; Innovation Network Leader and Snr Hydrogen Technology Engineer.
After leaving Shell, Andrew joined Watts Water Technologies as Innovation Leader where he reorganised European Product Development, bringing a renewed focus to smart and connected devices.
Recognising a severe knowledge gap across industry in the domains of Hydrogen and Clean Energy, Andrew established RHC IMZADI - The Low Carbon Energy Consultancy.
Andrew currently acts as Board Advisor to companies in the Hydrogen and Clean Mobility sectors. He sits on the Advisory Board to a Green Hydrogen mega project; is fund advisor to a VC group investing in Hydrogen and the Energy Transition and is presently involved in establishing a national Hydrogen Association in the Asia Pacific region.

7 Questions with Mona Purdy

Name: Mona Purdy

Current title: Founder/Executive Director

Current organisation: Share Your Soles Foundation

While on a trip to Guatemala I signed up to run in a local running race in a remote area of the country. When I arrived at the start I realized I was the only woman, the only tall person, and the only runner wearing shoes. One of the six local youth was wearing mountain climbing boots. The others were shoeless. Running in the middle of the day in the sweltering heat was hard enough but knowing I was the only one wearing proper running shoes made me uneasy. Along the rough terrain little children were cheering us on. Some offer us water. It was a couple miles into our run I saw the group of little kids running alongside us. They were not wearing any shoes but they had applied tar to the soles of their feet to protect them in lieu of shoes. I asked one of my running mates why they do this. He said the parents just can’t afford shoes for them. At this moment I felt my calling. On my way home still shaken by these images I sat next to an orthopedic surgeon who told me if children had shoes he would not be coming down to treat their damaged limbs.
Sharing my experience with my own children was amazing. My youngest, Hannah was the first of my kids to react. She came down to the kitchen from her bedroom with two pairs of shoes to donate. I said Hannah you only have two pairs of shoes, she replied but they are getting small on me. You can take them with you when you go back and give them to the kids. We began contacting schools, churches and community organizations to engage them in our cause. We needed gently worn, new shoes. Share Your Soles was born, privately and quietly. Not associating with governments or any religion. After connecting with a major airline I was able to ship my first shipment of shoes to Guatemala. When I was leaving one of the orphanages the head nun asked me “when are you coming back”? I knew I had stumbled upon an idea that would help both the ones who shared shoes as well as those who received shoes. A win-win. I returned home to find boxes and bags of shoes by my door. We started researching other areas in Central America we could reach out to. AA continued to support transporting shoes along with me to various locations. It was maybe into my third year of collecting shoes and two policemen came up my driveway. Apparently neighbors had reported the activity going on at my home, I was served two warnings. One my house had become a nuisance and they claimed the home was an eyesore. The huge dumpster for unwanted shoes bothered people. It was that story that ran on the local front page of the newspaper that got me a donated warehouse to use. That location enabled me to host tons of volunteers weekly. That publicity got us yet another bigger better donated space to operate out of. Things were going great. My kids were becoming amazing people, the volunteers were dedicated and the need for shoes was growing. I had already become a non profit, charity and foundation. I had sponsors who thought it best if I committed to the cause so ten years in I gave up my hair salon and was 100% dedicated to the charity. I’m going into my 22 year this April. It’s been life changing for everyone involved. Shy of 5 million pairs of shoes have been hand delivered to over 40 locations around the world.