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"Being clear about 'who you are' and 'what you need to do' is the most powerful realisation for walking into success. Allowing Jonno to take me through the six questions has been the most helpful process I have been through in shaping my organisation. Having 'Clarity' brings incredible enlightenment and sets you up to find out what your winning formula is."

- Joel Bagnall


Joel Bagnall
Founder and Director - Lift Leaders

Joel is the founder and director of Lift Leaders in Europe. Coming from a background where Joel led one of the most significant youth ministries in QLD, Australia, Joel is a passionate leader and communicator who credits much of his own leadership development to leaders in Australia who invested in him. It is this experience that fuels his passion to see other young leaders empowered across Europe and the rest of the world. The heart of Joel Bagnall and Lift Leaders is to simply see “People Activated”.

Scott and Suzanne Oxford
Directors - New Word Order

New Word Order is an award-winning agency based in QLD, Australia, with a proven record spanning more than a decade. As a specialist creative agency, New Word Order’s offering covers branding, content, design, digital, video and campaign. Suzanne Oxford is the founding partner and copy director with a passion, simply, to tell great stories well. After 18 years at the helm of New Word Order, Suzanne is a communication strategist and content manager with experience managing diverse creative teams and professional expertise across every area of private, public and not-for-profit marketing communications. Scott Oxford has headed up the team as partner and creative director of New Word Order for the past decade. He is passionate about brand strategy, truly creative solutions and finding innovative and creative executions to evoke strategic principles. On top of his role as Creative Director, Scott also fulfils the role of creative producer on film, video, multimedia, digital and print-based projects and loves empowering teams of people to deliver work beyond their individual scope.

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