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Clarity runs training for employees, conferences and executive teams. Below are three available training workshops which can be tailored for the demographic and context. We can also provide bespoke training for a premium where we will work with you to design training which is highly specific to your needs.
Whether you’re part of a team, stepping into a team leadership role for the first time, or you’ve been leading teams for years, there’s nothing more frustrating than a group of well-meaning, competent people who can’t seem to reach their potential as a group. And, at the same time, when a team is flourishing and kicking goals together, it’s a wonderful and powerful thing. So what is it that differentiates a dysfunctional team from a healthy team? And what are some practical keys and steps we can take as team members and team leaders to see more alignment, cohesion and productivity in the workplace?
Building Healthy Teams - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
Running Effective Meetings - Death By Meeting (Patrick Lencioni)
In an era focused on efficiency, most organisations are at one of two extremes when it comes to meetings. Either meetings are considered a waste of time and are avoided at all cost or meetings are considered the necessary evil which takes up next to every minute of every day. But what if there was another way? Imagine if meetings weren’t to be avoided or a necessary evil but were actually the most powerful tool for change within your organisation. There is a way to use meetings in your organisation and/or department so that employees will love attending them and, more importantly, they will contribute to significant breakthrough and momentum across the organisation.
What is the greatest hindrance to the success of your organisation? Have you ever wondered what it is that seems to drain the momentum from your key projects and significant goals? Possibly the most underestimated momentum killer is confusion, politics and a lack of alignment. Organisations are incredibly complex but there are a few simple things which, if clarified and communicated, can reduce confusion and politics and increase alignment through the organisation like never before.
Creating Clarity In Your Organisation - The Advantage (Patrick Lencioni)
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