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7 Questions with Amy Silva

Name: Amy Silva

Current title: Owner, Lead Strategist

Current organisation: Amy Silva Digital

I am a veteran of the United States Army and a former registered nurse. I met and fell in love with my husband who is a firefighter for our city while going through nursing school. We now have a little girl who is the center of our world! I started my digital marketing agency so that I could have more control over my life and how I spend my time. I chose digital marketing because it is a perfect arena to combine my joy of creativity with my love of analytics and science.
I have immensely enjoyed helping other entrepreneurs develop strategies that grow their businesses and achieve their dreams.

7 Questions with Ephrata Dereje

Name: Ephrata Dereje

Current title: Content Specialist

Current organisation: EfriDereje

Ephrata is a digital marketer and content specialist. Prior to helping businesses and entrepreneurs make sales online with <10K followers, she served as a Senior Digital Media Officer and an Account Executive in a marketing agency.

She now creates strategies to help businesses turn their social media pages into sales systems so they can make sales.

7 Questions with Ivo Arrey Mbongaya

Name: Ivo Arrey Mbongaya

Current title: Director/Founder

Current organisation: African Centre for Community and Development

Ivo Arrey Mbongaya is Founder and Director at the African Centre for Community and Development as well as the Earth Complex Guesthouse Limbe Cameroon.
He is a veritable entrepreneur and a project management expert with experiences in conducting multidisciplinary research as well as diverse economic, social, business and development activities across sectors. His research and works cut across prefeasibility/feasibility studies, project management, energy, poverty alleviation, communications, education, environment, climate change, governance, conservation, agribusinesses, real estate, arts, designs, agroforestry, hospitality, civil society etcetera.
He has over a thousand multimedia productions and publications on diverse topics that can be accessed here:
Ivo is available for consulting and other business/professional invitations.
Contact [email protected]

7 Questions with JATIN CHONKAR


Current title: Proprietor

Current organisation: JATIN PHOTOGRAPHY

A photographer’s job goes beyond taking just pictures – and being a photographer I understand this quite well. I have an inherent ability to realize and capture compositions as per the client’s requirement. From doing fashion & beauty photoshoots to table-top photography with creative lighting and using correct techniques for capturing industrial photography, I have done it all.
Understanding that a photographer needs to have a technical hold in today's world, I am comfortable operating photography equipment, large & medium format camera and related software that are used to process quality photographs i.e. Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One (PhaseOne software) and Canon image processing software. In fact, I own a Canon 5D MarkII and PhaseOne medium format camera.
As a passionate photographer, I work continuously to learn new things in order to make my work professional.

7 Questions with Jabez Berhanu

Name: Jabez Berhanu

Current title: Founder and Head Graphics Designer

Current organisation: Debo Creative Studios

Jabez Berhanu is the Founder of Debo Studios, a creative studio that helps businesses on their branding, content, software and marketing related needs, he also serves as Head Graphic Designer. He has been a freelance graphic designer for some years and now leads Debo Studios Graphic Design department with his previous experience, attention to details and collaborative mindset. He has recently received an award from DesignLabETH for his work on a logo design.

7 Questions with Shahwar Shohrat

Name: Shahwar Shohrat

Current title: CEO

Current organisation: The Luxe Story

Shahwar Shohrat is an enterprising woman leader with extensive experience building businesses from the ground up along with humanitarian outlook on life. She has over the years set up and successfully run multiple businesses in India as well as abroad. A NIFT and AMU alumni, she has multiple first to her name which defies social constraints. She started her fashion line - Shayve and did the first and still the largest fashion show her city ever had. She continues to hold fashion close to her heart, as a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger.
She ventured into hospitality with a multi cuisine fine-dine restaurant. She continued with her enterprise while being in Africa for 9 years and set up a successful events management company, Nash Events, utilizing her multinational experience in business analytics and training with world's biggest IT company, IBM.
Her most recent entrepreneurial venture, The Luxe Story, which she is the CEO and co-founder of, has a vision of reviving the handicrafts and rejuvenate them through use of innovative technology and giving them a global marketplace.
The juxtaposition of successful business with social benefits for the community drives her day in and day out. She actively advocates not only the cause of women empowerment but also women entrepreneurship.
Her own social trust India Talent Treasure Trust is focused on enhancing the livelihoods of artisans and craft persons working on multiple handicrafts across various parts of the country, to support all the crafts and also to save the endangered handicrafts.

7 Questions with Wilson Zehr

Name: Wilson Zehr

Current title: CEO

Current organisation: Cendix (Zairmail)

Wilson Zehr has 20+ years’ experience in high technology and telecom - over a decade working with Internet-related (SaaS) products and services. He started his career as a Software Engineer; then expanded into full life-cycle product marketing, program management, strategic alliances, executive leadership, and teaching.

Professor Zehr serves on the faculty for Eastern Oregon University and teaches marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, management, and business policy & strategy. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Zairmail (, Cendix (, and Eastern Oregon Ventures.

Over the course of his career, Wilson has created numerous new products/brands and successfully brought them to market. In addition, he has established and managed strategic alliances with many of the world’s largest technology and communications firms. Dr. Zehr is also a serial entrepreneur who has been part of, started, or advised more than a dozen technology startups.

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