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7 Questions with Nathalie TAIEB

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Jonno White

7 Questions with Nathalie TAIEB

Name: Nathalie TAIEB

Current title: Vice President Worldwide video collaboration logitech

Current organisation: Logitech

After a long career 28 years in xerox predominantly in sales marketing and financing as a COO xerox Europe , I had been appointed by HP 4 years to build the strategy and business model on Màaged print services . A fantastic performance and lots of acquisitions project , triple the revenue , the number of partners and growing market share and profit ! Now in logitech to transform the transactional business to services contractual one .

7 Questions with Nathalie TAIEB


1. What have you found most challenging as a CEO or executive of a large enterprise?

Lead transformation…culture and legacy business are very complex to move

2. How did you become a CEO or executive of a large enterprise? Can you please briefly tell the story?

Simply I start as a sales ..and performing , learning and accepting all challenges , demonstrating an ability to adapt and deliver team exceptional results. People and team winning spirit has always been a key component of success . Drive passion , challenge the status quo and provide an amazing vision …to execute . My mantra : target the moon in case of failure , you will land in middle of stars « (Oscar Wilde)

3. How do you structure your work days from waking up to going to sleep?

Wake up and 30 minute yoga and meditation .
Working and meeting people , customer and partners all day long
1 day per week blocked to think about strategy , long term results àd analyzing short/mid term one .
Diner with my family
Sometimes late work or answering mails .
Saturday total mobile déconnection …few holidays but peaceful ones

4. What's the most recent significant leadership lesson you've learned?

At a certain level, unfortunately, in multinational companies : politics equal or outpace performance… which is a true pity .

5. What's one book that has had a profound impact on your leadership so far? Can you please briefly tell the story of how that book impacted your leadership?

Good to great

6. How do you build leadership capacity in a large enterprise?

Providing clear vision, meeting people àd drive execution . Build a strong market reputation : wall as talk … world is so small in fact that your reputation is our main asset

7. What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as a CEO or executive of a large enterprise so far?

Dream, dare , decide and be yourself !
Look at Disney , wase, or Serena and Venus Williams stories … à lots of good leadership learnings to build on

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