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Leadership Conversation - Episode 168 with Steve Faktor

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Name: Steve Faktor

Current title : Managing Director

Current organisation: IdeaFaktory

Steve Faktor is an innovator, futurist and digital commerce expert. He is Managing Director of IdeaFaktory, which helps companies accelerate growth by partnering with top startups, developing new innovations, and restructuring for growth. As a senior executive at American Express, Citi and MasterCard, Steve has created several $100M+ businesses and deployed multiple enterprise innovation programs. He is author of Econovation, which critics describe as “a fascinating, erudite, bitingly funny, well researched, and…important book“ about capitalizing on the end of consumerism and rise of 'producerism'.

Steve is a top-ranked global keynote speaker, who has keynoted major events for CFO Magazine, New York University, Harvard, PDMA, Frost & Sullivan, Rocketspace, New Media Expo and numerous corporations. He also leads workshops, ideation and training sessions based on his proprietary 4C’s of Innovation(TM) methodology. Steve writes provocative articles on innovation and entrepreneurship for Forbes and Harvard Business Review and is one of 160 original Linkedin Influencers (along with luminaries like Richard Branson).

Steve graduated from the NYU Stern School of Business and lives in New York City. He actively supports Junior Achievement and several Thai restaurants in his neighborhood.

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