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Leadership Conversation - Episode 219 with Sara Ray Stoelinga

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Name: Sara Ray Stoelinga

Current title: President & CEO

Current organisation: Easterseals serving Chicagoland and Rockford

Non-Profit Leader
I am an experienced non-profit executive, specializing in leadership of non-profits in the $50M-$100M operating range. I have multi-faceted experience in these complex organizations, at leading merger, start-up as well as turnaround and transformation initiatives.
As a part of these efforts, I have gained significant experience in architecting and envisioning organizational design and implementing this vision, as well as in all aspects of selecting, developing, retaining, and managing outstanding talent.

Education Expert
I have deep expertise in the education space, including K12, higher education, and special education. This experience has been built both as an education scholar and professor as well as in designing, leading, and enhancing educational initiatives on the ground and at scale in K12 schools and in higher education.
The blending of the theoretical and historical knowledge from my scholarly training and teaching with the long-term experience on the ground in different facets of the education space, has allowed me to contribute as both a thinker and a doer in the field.

Leader and Thinker
My long-term experience as both an education expert and non-profit executive enable me to serve as a leader in the education and non-profit ecosystems, both locally and nationally.
I am a member of numerous non-profit Boards and am invited to serve as an advisor, speaker, lecturer, and member of commissions and working groups across multiple substantive domains.

My ultimate goal is to use my talents and my abilities to have a significant, positive influence wherever I go. I strive to contribute meaningfully at every table at which I have the opportunity to sit and to demonstrate the values of integrity, empathy, excellence and humility in all I do.

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