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Leadership Conversation - Episode 221 with Raymond J. Schmidt

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Name: Raymond J. Schmidt

Current title: Head of Upper School

Current organisation: Escuela Internacional Sampedrana

How Would Your School Community Describe You?

Dr. Schmidt has been an education professional for nearly 30 years. He began his teaching career in Chicago in 1994 and that new teaching journey carried him to Arizona and then Alaska. During that time, he ascertained his Master’s Degree in Education and began teaching aspiring educators at university and in the classroom. By 2009, Dr. Schmidt began his first official education leadership position as an advisor to school principals in Abu Dhabi, UAE. From there he served as an instructional coach in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Those opportunities ignited a passion for enhancing his educational leadership skills and he returned to the States to complete his Administrative Services Credential coursework. While completing said coursework, he served first as an executive director and middle school principal and then as a lower school principal in south-central Los Angeles. In 2018, he accepted a lower school head position at Colegio Americano de Guatemala in Guatemala City. While serving the CAG community, he completed his doctorate degree in educational leadership and published peer-reviewed research on educational leadership decision-making. Since then, and currently, he is serving as the head of upper school at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

It is Dr. Schmidt’s belief that all members of a global society should have access to robust educational programs, and it is a great honor to apply the expertise acquired in his professional and scholarly career toward building a future of life-long learners around the globe. He strives to be a leader who is deeply committed to the success of all stakeholders by being organized, informative, and supportive, utilizing coaching styles that cater to varying personalities and abilities. He endeavors to challenge himself and others to think critically. Having this conviction combined with being community-minded has led to strong, long-lasting relationships with students, faculty, parents, and beyond.

How Would Your School Community Describe You?

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