Leadership Conversation- Episode 118 with Mike Ashie

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Name: Mike Ashie

Current title: Leadership Consultant

Current organisation: Creator

On my YouTube channel I help NEW managers become BETTER leaders. And I do this with no nonsense sense... if that makes sense?!

Don't get confused between managers and leaders. Managers can be anyone who is given the title. They can be highly qualified but can also be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Leaders on the other hand may or may not have a title but they naturally lead. They get things done without force, fear or intimidation.

Why am I able to stand here and tell you all this shi...stuff? Well, I've got 17 years as a leader in the service industry and 13+ years as a leader in Canada's largest International Airport. That, plus that fact that I've enjoyed over 300 books on the topics of Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

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