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Leadership Conversation- Episode 130 Jeremy Francese

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Name: Jeremy Francese

Current title: Founder & President

Current organisation: Strategic Branding Studios

Shy of 6-years ago my network started asking me for help with branding, marketing, and driving sales online.

Unlike my contemporaries, all of which I respect, these folks were not Fortune 500 clients that had millions in marketing to spend. Quite the opposite. These folks were small business owners, nonprofit executives, consultants, physical therapists, you name it. They did not have a stock price to manage, they had families to support and fear about navigating the ever-changing landscape that is communicating in a predominantly digital environment.

So in 2019, after 4 years of success working for free to educate and support these clients, we realized we could bring more value if we build infrastructure and deepened our creative network of professionals. So that’s exactly what we did.

Fast forward to the present, I run Strategic Branding Studios education-forward full-service marketing, and communications agency solely focused on leveraging marketing and communications to accelerate business outcomes.

The way people buy has fundamentally changed. Customers spend less than 15% of their evaluation time meeting with and engaging vendors. Relying on passive word of mouth, a few social posts or blogs, an ad or two, and an e-book won’t cut it anymore and SBS is here to help.

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