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Leadership Conversation- Episode 131 Jan Terkelsen

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Name: Jan Terkelsen

Current Title: Co-Founder

Current organisation: People Leaders

I support people to create high-performing habits. I have been an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator in corporate Australia for more than 18 years and I understand what it takes to create sustainable change in one’s life. It takes three things, understanding one’s beliefs, managing emotions, and taking focused action in the direction you have decided you want to go.
I am an experienced personality profiler and behavioral change specialist, and I have a deep interest and track record in assisting people with a preference for introversion. I work with clients to leverage this thinking style to create opportunities and openings in their life. Personality impacts decisions, communication, and relationships, and I work with my clients, so they can discover how they can use their thinking preferences to support career aspirations, influence others and have a meaningful work life.
Combining my knowledge of personality and physical well-being through my experience as a fitness professional, I understand the link between physical, mental, and emotional energies. Once you understand your main drivers and limiting beliefs you can create constructive behaviors that “stick”.
Leaders today are dealing with, a rate of change that is only going to get faster as well as a diverse and dispersed workforce. Having a robust and effective decision-making process is key to moving forward effectively. I work with clients to craft and implement a distinct process that is usable and effective, even drilling down to the number of options each individual needs to generate, and key questions to ask to unlock the best options. I also have an MBA in Human Resources and numerous accreditations including MBTI, OCI, LSI, GSI, NLP, and coaching.

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