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Leadership Conversation- Episode 43 with Alexandra McRobert

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Name: Alexandra McRobert

Current title: Founder

Current organisation: The Mindful Life Practice

Alex is a former party girl turned sober yoga girl. She is originally from Canada, but has been living overseas throughout her twenties. She spent time in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, and now lives in Bali. She is a registered yoga teacher educator, certified life coach and Ontario Certified Teacher. In 2020 she founded the Mindful Life Practice, an online virtual soul center. Alex helps people quit drinking and develop a daily yoga practice as part of her 30 Day and 60 Day Sober Curious Yoga Challenges. This is part of an online Zoom community of worldwide participants and yoga teachers. Alex hosts 30 Hour Sober Curious Yoga Teacher Trainings, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with a specialization in mental health. She has certified over forty yoga teachers in the past year. She also hosts the Sober Yoga Girl Podcast.

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