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Leadership Conversation- Episode 73 with Kevin Black

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Name: Kevin Black

Current title: Podcast Host

Current organisation: Black Market Leadership Podcast

I'm a veteran US Army officer and seasoned entrepreneur, nationally recognized for learning and development services in leadership and strategy. I work with clients across a variety of industries, from start-ups to public companies, such as LifeLock, Medtronic and McKesson. Overall, I'm proud to say I've helped to create over $500M of value.

FOR ADVISORY: “My team at LifeLock expanded quickly to match the company growth and demand for results. Without Kevin showing us the importance of proper organizational alignment, we wouldn’t have been able to meet our overall goals. I had a highly-effective team at LifeLock and working with Kevin fine-tuned our performance. The team became more efficient, turning a 3X ROI into a 5X ROI.” - CHIEF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER

FOR COACHING: “Kevin’s coaching is lifechanging. I’m responsible for 30 FTEs and 11 direct reports and over $20 million dollars of operations. With Kevin’s help, I increased my effectiveness as a manager by 20% in less than two months. He was instrumental in helping me increase my quarterly engagement scores for team by an average of 21%, over three different categories. I can’t recommend him enough.” - MANAGER, QUALITY ASSURANCE LAB

FOR WORKSHOPS: I take leadership development to the next level. (Clients from ten years ago still talk about my workshops.) Using experiential workshops instead of traditional ones, my clients gain critical experiences of leadership and executive management using real-time strategy simulations. The result is the rapid improvement of leader and team performance in a matter of days and weeks instead of years.

SERVICES: I partner with individual leaders, teams and companies to:
- Identify and leverage strengths thru behavioral profiling
- Enhance hiring processes to find the "right" person for the "right" role; significantly mitigating risks of bad hires
- Rapidly improve performance of leaders and teams
- Quickly develop and align teams and business units to company strategies
- Increase the overall bench-strength of available leaders and managers
- Raise entrepreneur/expert value through content and curriculum creation and branding
- Facilitate execution-focused, corporate and/or business unit strategies

I'm the author of the upcoming book, "Strength In Chaos: A Leader's Guide to Mastering the Uncontrollable."

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