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Leadership Conversation- Episode 85 with Curt Sassak

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Name: Curt Sassak

Current title: President

Current organisation: Winetasters Choice Promotions

I, like most people always had one job, one source of income and no backup plan.

The pandemic taught me how quickly everything can turn for the worse. Damn you pandemic!

From that point, I decided I would not allow myself to be in a position where my livelihood could be threatened again due to things out of my control.

So, in February of 2020, I decided to go back on that old resume hub, LinkedIn for the first time in ten years. (No joke.) Wow! I had no idea that LinkedIn is more like a mini university than just a resume hub. It is also an incredibly supportive community.

I also learned LinkedIn is the best platform to create an online business.

LinkedIn has over 750 million users, but only 2% create content.
LinkedIn has the highest rate for converting leads to clients out of all the social media platforms.

What does this mean for you? Plenty of opportunities and growth for all.

I started educating myself and learning from others, and taking courses.

I learned the importance of building my personal brand.

Your brand is bigger than any job, any title or salary.
Your brand will get you opportunities, speaking gigs, and things that no job will do.
Your brand goes with you everywhere.

Armed with my newfound knowledge, along with my 35 years of running multiple businesses, I set out to create something of my own.

Who am I?

I am a LinkedIn coach for individuals and small businesses who want to grow their network and business using LinkedIn as the vehicle.

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