• Jonno White

3 keys to replace yourself as CEO

1. Become the dumbest person in the room.

The greatest CEOs aren't threatened by their team.

Instead they know if they can become the dumbest person in the room (stick with me) and invest everything they can in people who are smarter than them, that this is the key to exceptional results in your organization.

Why the dumbest person in the room? Think about it - if you're the smartest person in the room then your intellect is the ceiling of the company.

Great CEOs build teams of people who are smarter than them. You don't become the dumbest person in the room by becoming dumber (that would be dumb in and of itself), you become the dumbest person in the room by hiring people who are smarter than you.

2. Humble, hungry, people smart

Patrick Lencioni's three traits of an ideal team player are the perfect measurements to use to build a team of people who are smarter than you - and who can replace you in many of the high-level strategic tasks and projects you're responsible for.

Humble - thinks we not me

Hungry - naturally goes above and beyond without being asked

People smart - knows if they've upset people, high EQ

3. ABT

ABT - sometimes ABT means Always Be Testing in marketing but when it comes to replacing yourself, it's about Always Be Training.

Every moment of your day is a training opportunity to replace yourself and delegate and empower the people around you.

Do this exercise now:

- What are five things you need to do in the next two weeks?

- Who could you invite to 'watch' you do those things as a first step in teaching them how to do that?

The idea is you go and talk to that person or those people and invite them to watch how you run that meeting, to watch how you prepare that report etc.

This is a low-hanging fruit approach to starting to delegate and empower the people around you so you can replace yourself as CEO.

We help CEOs to replace themselves and create cultures of empowerment and delegation.

Book a call to chat with us about this today.

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