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7 More Questions on Leadership with Ami Elazari

Name: Ami Elazari

Title: CHAIRMAN of the board of directors & CTO


Ami short CV : Eng. Ami Rotter Elazari, MBA LLM Founder Chairman & CEO Millennium Capital Group LLC. & Amitec Cyber inc.

Mr. Elazari has over 25 years of High-tech Energy & Cyber technology management experience. Inventor that holds twenty-nine world Patents.

During his Army officer service, he finished with excellence infantry Platoon & Tank Battalion Commanding officer training .and was a commanding teacher for three terms at the IDF Intelligence forces training base.

he served as Traffic Analysis section & branch leader & Base commander at 8200 participate as an Intelligence TA airborne team commander at the Entebbe Operation in 1976.

In his civilian jobs he served as a PV Division Manager for Chromogen Solar Systems. Ami founded amictic Information & Cyber Industries as well as Millennium Solar Photovoltaic Systems; and took it after 3 years to reverse merger IPO.

Mr. Elazari is a renowned expert in solar energy, and has registered many (29) International Patents in the solar field that exit his company Millennium to the NASDQ in 2003

Mr. Elazari was a partner and coordinator in over 11 European Commission projects world-wide; and evaluator for the seventh program of R&D in energy field and still serve as a consultant to the EC. R&D programs.

Mr. Elazari has completed his Executive MBA degree in Economics and Marketing. He is an accomplished Energy & Electronic engineer with expertise in, the specific sectors of energy Electronic and Cyber & computer science and studied LLM.

Long CV Profile:!search/profile/person?personId=57556613&targetid=profile links


web site

USA partner

World group Head or Energy Section

Specialties: photovoltaic world expert EPC Published more than 710 papers world lecturer advisor to IEC and Israel IEC & Ministry of Energy

Specialties: photovoltaic world expert EPC Published more than 150 papers world lecturer advisor to IEC and Israel IEC & Ministry of Energy

Thank you to the 2,000 leaders who’ve generously done the 7 Questions on Leadership!

We’ve gone through the interviews and asked the best of the best to come back and answer 7 MORE Questions on Leadership.

I hope Amy’s answers will encourage you in your leadership journey. Enjoy!


Jonno White

1. As a leader, how do you build trust with employees, customers and other stakeholders?

Always tell the truth , never lie, stand by my word ,talk at eye level present a realistic 5 years ahead business plan

2. What do 'VISION' and 'MISSION' mean to you? And what does it actually look like to use them in real-world business?

"Vision" is your dream and targets of what you want achieve in your company road way . "Mission" is the way you are going to achieve it.

3. How can a leader empower the people they're leading?

Self Sample , Guides, positive reaction , and check fulfilment

4. Who are some of the coaches or mentors in your life who have had a positive influence on your leadership? Can you please tell a meaningful story about one of them?

Late president Shimon Peres who gave me the firs prize in his first tomorrow exhibition. General Ehud Bark who was my commanding officer in the army unit. Elon Musk who copy my company Vison statement and my Company mission statement to his Solar city company

5. Leadership is often more about what you DON'T do. How do you maintain focus in your role?

Leader ship is always about what you really do . so you have to maintain focus on keep doing it right the way you planed .

6. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Everyone plans differently. How do you plan for the week, month and years ahead in your role?

I am planning major plan 5 years ahead , and at the same time try to accomplish every day at least 3-6 mission as part of my plan checking my accomplishment every week and every month . and every quarter by results .

7. What advice would you give to a young leader who is struggling to delegate effectively?

learn from what I said here and be open minded to new roads idea or way of accomplishing targets " the one who dare wins ,but the one who preserver succeed"

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