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99% Of Success Is ? (It's Not What You Think)

School sets you up in many ways. But there is one major drawback to education:

We teach students success is getting everything right.

Has any student celebrated scoring 40% on an exam? Of course not. In our education system, failure is the worst-case scenario.

There really is no option worse than failure.

In the real world, it's quite the opposite.

“Success is 99 percent failure” - Soichiro Honda (Japanese Honda Motor Company Founder)

Is that the word you were expecting? Probably not.

If there's one lesson I've learned as an entrepreneur so far, it's the importance of failing.

But everything within me that's grown up in an environment where failure is the worst-case scenario struggles with this.

My challenge for you today:

What would it look like for you to LIVE with an expectation of failure? How could you incorporate failure into your everyday life?

What would it look like for you to LEAD with an expectation of failure? How could you build failure into your plans for your team and organization?

Let's try this on for size.

"It didn't work. We failed."

How did you feel reading that? I believe this is so important that if you can become comfortable with that sentence you're chances of success will increase dramatically.

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