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  • Jonno White

350 Best Conversations with Friends Quotes by Sally Rooney

1. “It’s weird knowing someone just casually, he said, and then later finding out they’re observing things all the time. It’s like, God, what has this person noticed about me?”

2. “Was I kind to others? It was hard to nail down an answer. I worried that if I did turn out to have a personality, it would be one the unkind ones.”

3. “For a while I stood there just looking at myself and feeling my repulsion get deeper and deeper, as if I was experimenting to see how much I could feel.”

4. “They took her radical politics as a kind of bourgeois self-deprecation, nothing very serious, and talked to her about restaurants or where to stay in Rome.”

5. “He touched me cautiously like a deer touches things with its face”

6. “I liked Sunny. I liked the idea of books and reading. I didn't know why I couldn't enjoy things like other people did.”

7. “I thought he was funny, I said. He hardly opened his mouth. Yeah, he had a humorous silence about him.”

8. “We can sleep together if you want, but you should know I’m only doing it ironically.

9. “We shouldn't she said. Obviously. But you are very loveable when you're self righteous.”

10. “Everyone's always going through something, aren't they? That's life, basically.”

11. “I wasn't sad, I didn't know why I was crying. I'd had this problem before, with Bobbi, who believed it was an expression of my repressed feelings. I couldn't stop the tears so I just laughed self-effacingly instead, to show that I wasn't invested in the crying.”

12. “I was a very autonomous and independent person with an inner life that nobody else had ever touched or percei