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  • Jonno White

Does Leadership Coaching Actually Work? Frequently Asked Questions about Leadership Coaching

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Talking about options with an intent listener is often the best formula for optimal decision-making and action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is leadership coaching? A: Leadership coaching involves practical and results oriented one-on-one sessions. Talking about options with an intent listener is often the best formula for optimal decision-making and action. That’s why our clients spend 95% of leadership coaching sessions talking and our coaches spend 95% of the time listening. Leadership coaching sessions are done over the phone and are scheduled for an hour and a half.

Our leadership coaching methodology is based around what will be the most valuable use of the time for our client. With that in mind, every session has space for the client to decide what topic will be most valuable to discuss and every session finishes with the client and coach working together to decide on a list of action steps that will help the client to move forward. To maximise momentum and provide accountability, the next session then begins with a review of the previous session’s action steps.

Leadership coaching creates an environment where there is freedom from judgment and freedom from expectations that executives behave according to typical corporate mandates. In this environment it is safe to: question, appear vulnerable, observe, explore, experiment, learn and change. Leaders seek the assistance of a coach for various reasons: to achieve greater business results, to integrate business and personal life for balance, to prioritise actions, to turn around a difficult situation, to assist in setting a vision and direction, allowing a team to work together to reach extraordinary goals.

Purchase leadership coaching sessions for your organisation. Q: Does leadership coaching work? A: Leadership coaching works because most leaders have more than enough advice coming their way but no time and space to talk through options with a non-judgmental sounding board. Talking about options with an intent listener is often the best formula for optimal decision-making and action. Benefits of leadership coaching include: - Having a confidential and trusted listener. - Putting into clearer focus the essence of key challenges and issues. - Sharpening one’s thought processes. - Having someone ask on target, lazered questions about your thinking. - The ability to talk and think creatively, spontaneously and confidentially. - An ongoing assessment and sharpening of leadership skills. - The ability to conceive new and, in some cases seemingly improbable goals and accomplish them.

Leadership coaching works when the client is willing to grow and there is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be. The coach helps them solve problems and make the most of opportunities. When you engage a leadership coach you take yourself and what you want more seriously by holding yourself accountable and because your leadership coaching creates structured accountability by creating and reviewing action steps in each session. You take more effective and focused actions immediately. You stop putting up with things that gets in your way.
You create momentum to achieve more, be more balanced and develop more powerful management skills.
You set personal goals that are clear and meet your needs.
You identify and eliminate the barriers that get in the way of the achievement of goals. You communicate what you need and what you want from others in a more responsible way.

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Q: Why should I engage leadership coaching for my organisation? A: Here are some of the situations that lead organisations to engage leadership coaching: - Is your organisation undergoing significant structural and cultural change? - Are you having trouble matching potential and performance in your future leaders? - Do you have some brilliant people almost ready to join the executive team? - Do your subject matter experts know everything – except how to work with people? - Are your most recently hired and promoted executives floundering? - What is the best way to manage a career path to maximize development and potential? - Are your stars not shining their brightest? In this difficult business environment it is essential to have exceptional decision making and performance. The board and executive team need to lead the way in more clearly demonstrating a culture of accountability if you want to see your organisation become everything it can be.

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There’s no preparation required to get started with a leadership coach. We’ll use your current role and the leadership challenges you’re already navigating to create the agenda for our first coaching session, and for ongoing sessions.

Q: Why should I engage leadership coaching for myself? A: Virtually anyone with a challenging career can benefit from leadership coaching. Executives and many others (including a variety of professionals and business managers) looking to advance professionall