• Jonno White

How To Start Changing An Unhealthy Work Environment

Are you fed up with the work environment at your organization? Well, the first thing you should know is the leader is the ceiling. If you're not the leader of the organization, then look at who is and ask yourself, "How high is their ceiling when it comes to workplace culture?"

If the leader can only be 'so' vulnerable then don't expect high vulnerability. If the leader struggles with accountability then expect low standards. If the leader says one thing but does another then expect that to be prevalent throughout the organization.

Next, look at the executive team. The slightest change at executive level in areas such as values, culture and vision will cascade throughout an organization (if you know how to do it).

Then, look at what you're walking past as an organization. You can't change everything but you can change some specific things. Pick the key values or behaviours and go to town holding yourself, your exec and the whole organization accountable.

Still confused about how to change your work environment?

Get in touch with us and we'll help you build an even healthier workplace environment.

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