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😬 One mistake threatened her career...

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Marie and her team would always meet their deadlines.

Somehow they'd find a way, even though Marie couldn't tell you how they did it. Each week Marie stayed late with her team to prevent missing a deadline.

However, one day Marie's lack of time management skills finally caught up with her...

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***Back to the story...

Her boss opened the door to the conference room where Marie was working with her team.

"Marie, can I speak with you for a moment?" Carla nodded her head towards the outside of the room.

Marie felt confused. Was she meant to be in a meeting with Carla? She didn't think so.

"Sure," she said as she walked outside.

"What's goin..."

"Owen Engineering." Carla stated when they were outside the room.

Marie's heart sank.

"The tender."

"Yep," Carla said, lips pursed.

Carla paused.

"Marie... did you put it in?"

There was silence. It must have been 10 seconds. But it felt like an eternity to Marie.

Marie swallowed.

She shook her head.

"No. I'm so sorry." She said.

This was a bad mistake.

"Let's talk this afternoon," Carla said.

Then she turned and walked away.

Marie was frantic for the next few hours. She'd been so focused on putting out fires for her team.

She'd missed the deadline for the multi-million dollar tender. She scoured the tender to see if she could save the situation. This mistake was worth millions to the company.

But Marie knew it could mean her job, too.

This wasn't the first time Marie had struggled with time management. But she never thought a mistake could be so disastrous.

As she walked to the meeting room that afternoon, trying to come up with a plan, she felt defeated.

When they sat down, Carla was direct.

"I'm sorry Marie, but if you miss anything else like this again, you're fired."

The blood drained from Marie's face.

"At least she didn't say I am fired," Marie thought.

Then Carla gave her an ultimatum...

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