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  • Jonno White

750 Inspiring Personal Development Quotes For Self Growth

1. “Live authentically. Grow continuously. Care for others. Give your best. Serve with humility.”

2. “Whenever you have a Dream inside your Heart, Never let it go because Dreams are the tiny seeds from which a beautiful tomorrow grows. Have a wonderful dream to night. Good night!”

3. “Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” – Carrie Fisher

4. "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” — Author Unknown

5. I am blessed beyond measure to be your mother. Seeing you grow into the amazing man you are today has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I love you more than words can say!

6. “Tell yourself: 'I know you're trying to grow. and working hard. instead of telling yourself. you piece of shit. you aren't perfect.'”

7. “A broken heart is just the growing pains necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along.” ― J.S.B. Morse

8. “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.”— UnknownRD.COM

9. In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.

10. When people say, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ I tell them that’s the best compliment I could ever get. Someday, I hope to grow as strong and wise as you. Have a great Father’s Day!

11. Older sons will appreciate this birthday message from their mother as it is a reminder that they are still growing up.

12. If you don't plant the seeds of the result you want in life, in your mind, weeds will grow automatically. Mahesh Jethmalani, The Ladder of Success

13. “You never understand life until it grows inside of you.” — Sandra Chami Kassis

14. “To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched — along with body — making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”