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300 Best Roller Skating Quotes and Instagram Captions (2023)

1. “Skating brings good vibes only.”

2. “Skate like nobody’s watching.”

3. “Life is better on wheels.”

4. “I think skating helped me find myself. ” — Peggy Fleming

5. “Roller skating is not just a hobby, it’s a passion.” – Unknown

6. “Skating is not just a sport, it’s a way of life.” – Unknown

7. “You thought it was a challenge, but they’ve never met me.”

8. “Life is short, so skate like there’s no tomorrow.”

9. “Find your joy and roll with it.” – Unknown

10. “Roller skating is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.” – Unknown

11. “And the fact that I liked to show off and be the center of attention really lends itself to figure skating very well. ” — Scott Hamilton

12. “Rolling into the weekend like…”

13. “Sometimes, you’ve just got to skate with it.”

14. “I’m living proof that roller skating is not for everyone.”

15. Roller girl, you are the queen of my world.

16. If you fall, I'll be there. — the ground

17. “I won’t quit skating until I am physically unable. ” — Tony Hawk

18. “Hell would freeze over before I saw my parents happily holding hands and ice skating. ” — Tana Mongeau

19. “I’m not drunk, I’m just roller skating.”

20. “Roller skating: the ultimate stress reliever.”

21. “Roller skating: the ultimate stress reliever.” – Unknown

22. “Life is better in roller skates.”

23. I'd pick you for couples skate any day.

24. “Roller skating: the perfect way to stay young at heart.”

25. Sundays are for skating.

26. “I just try to touch people’s hearts in a way through skating, so they’re not just witnessing a performance, they’re feeling a performance, and they’re a part of it. ” — Scott Hamilton

27. “Four wheels are better than none.”

28. Got to love roller skating!

29. “Skate hard, and skate with heart.”

30. “Skate time all the time.”

31. “In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed. ” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

32. “Roller skating: where the impossible becomes possible.” – Unknown

33. “Skating is my therapy.” – Unknown

34. “Roller skating: the cure for the Monday blues.”

35. “Roller skating: the art of looking cool while feeling like a dork.”

36. I'm too rad.

37. “I don’t always roller skate, but when I do, I choose to do it poorly.”

38. “Largely, I began skating because I wanted stuff to do outside of school. My mom decided to put me into figure skating. ” — Nathan Chen

39. “The world is my rink.”

40. “Skate like nobody’s watching.” – Unknown

41. “Roller skating is the closest you can get to flying.” – Unknown

42. I miss my Barbie skates.

43. “Skating: the ultimate way to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.”

44. Skating up to the lemonade stand like...

45. “Roller skating is like dancing on wheels.” – Unknown

46. “Welcome to the cruising Paradise. These Are The Most Thrilling Thrills in Town, Tons of Action for Young and Young at Heart”.

47. “I don’t need therapy, I just need roller skates.”

48. See you later, roller skater.

49. “Roller skating: when walking just isn’t ridiculous enough.”

50. “I’m not clumsy, I’m just on wheels.” – Unknown

51. “We love a good rolling moment.”

52. “Rolling with the good vibes.”

53. “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way, especially when we’ve done it all on roller skates.” – Unknown

54. “Rollin’ with the homies.”

55. ‘Cause that’s just the way we roll. — Jonas Brothers, That’s Just The Way We Roll

56. “I skate, therefore I am.”

57. There's nothing like the feeling of wind in your hair and wheels under your feet. - Unknown

58. Don't be a hater, be a roller skater.

59. “I begged my mom to let me start skating. ” — Debi Thomas

60. “I’m not clumsy, I’m just on wheels.”

61. “Rollin’ with the good vibes.”

62. If you don't fall, you're not trying hard enough. - Unknown

63. “When in doubt, skate it out.”

64. “I’m sorry for what I said when I was trying to roller skate.”

65. “I’m not graceful, but at least I’m having fun.”

66. “Roller skating is not just about the tricks, it’s about the journey.” – Unknown

67. Living that roller skating life.

68. “Blink, and you will miss my awesome tricks.”

69. “Good things come to those who skate.”

70. “Life is a roller coaster, so I might as well roller skate.”

71. Still got it!

72. Skating to my own beat.

73. “I have a love-hate relationship with roller skating. Mostly hate.”

74. “Skating is much more of an individual sport, and then there is a team event once the team is picked. ” — Eddy Alvarez

75. “That’s the thing about ice skating, you can just fall awkwardly like that. ” — Chesney Hawkes

76. “Find your joy and roll with it.”

77. “Everything that I’ve ever been able to accomplish in skating and life has come out of adversity and perseverance. ” — Scott Hamilton

78. “Four wheels and a whole lot of fun.”

79. “Roller skating is the ultimate stress reliever.”

80. “Going through the motions.”

81. “Stressless and enjoy the best.”

82. “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride on skates.” – Unknown

83. “Let’s skate into the weekend.”

84. “When I was young, many people didn’t know what figure skating was. Some who knew of it thought of it as dancing on ice. But, as I entered international competitions and got good results, many people got to know more about it and came to cheer for me. ” — Kim Yuna

85. Had a blast roller skating today!

86. Cause that's just the way we roll. — Jonas Brothers, "That's Just The Way We Roll"

87. “My roller skates have a mind of their own.”

88. Skating is my favorite thing to do in the whole world. - Unknown

89. “Baseball is my true passion. Skating was more of a short-term goal. ” — Eddy Alvarez

90. Roller skating is a great way to have some fun!

91. “I don’t fall, I just find new ways to roll.”

92. “I’m not clumsy, I’m just really good at roller skating.”

93. “Acting is like roller skating. Once you know how to do it, it is neither stimulating nor exciting.” ~ George Sanders

94. “I can’t stop, won’t stop, roller skating till I drop.”

95. “I’m on a roll…literally.”

96. “Skating: the ultimate combination of strength, grace, and fun.”

97. Can't wait to go roller skating again!

98. “In this crazy, crazy world of figure skating, it is easy to focus on a name or a target. But when you are going after someone, it really only holds you back from what you are capable of yourself. ” — Ashley Wagner

99. “Skating has given me so much that it’s priceless. ” — Michelle Kwan

100. Having a totally rad time.

101. “Skate fast, eat ass…or something like that.”

102. “Roller skating is my cardio.”

103. “Skate or die trying.”

104. “Skating into the sunset.”

105. “Find your balance, and let the good times roll.”

106. “Talk less, rollerblade more.”

107. “Life is a journey, so let’s skate it out.”

108. I'm not going to tell you how many times I fell before I nailed this.

109. “Roller skating: the perfect way to stay young at heart.” – Unknown

110. “I like to roller skate. I have been roller skating since I was eight.” ~ Mackenzie Foy

111. “Roller skating: the best kind of therapy.”

112. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go roller skating with friends.”

113. “Politics is like roller skating. You go partly where you want to go, and partly where the damn things take you.” ~ Henry F. Ashurst

114. Skating brings good vibes only.

115. “I just motor through school in the morning and then go skating. ” — Ryan Sheckler

116. “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey on roller skates.”

117. “I’ve never been ice skating, ever. I’m traumatized by the idea of it. ” — Sebastian Stan

118. Four wheels are better than none.

119. “Roller skating is my happy place.”

120. Listen to The Roller Skate Dad Podcast on Google Podcasts

121. Roller skating is a great way to spend time with friends and family. - Unknown

122. How to roller skate like a pro!

123. “Skating: the perfect way to stay young at heart.”

124. “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Skate your heart out.”

125. Sk8er babe.

126. “Skating is not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.”

127. “Roller skating is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle choice.”

128. “Roller skating: where the only thing holding you up is hope.”

129. “Four wheels, zero coordination. Let’s roll!”

130. “This is how I roll.”

131. “My mother introduced me to many different things, and figure skating was one of them. I just thought that it was magical having to glide across the ice. ” — Debi Thomas

132. “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but at least I’m doing it on roller skates.”

133. “When I came back to skating, everyone was like, ‘Oh you’re the snowboard guy’. ” — Shaun White

134. Rollin' on out of here.

135. Roller skating is a good way to get some exercise without really realizing it. - Unknown

136. ‘Roller skating is boring,’ said no one ever.

137. “Skating is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.”

138. “Inner-thigh strength is important, and not just for appearance’s sake. If you enjoy – or have always wanted to try – ice skating or rollerblading, strong inner thighs will come in handy. ” — Denise Austin

139. “I think you learn how to fall well when you’re figure skating. Your reflexes are very acute. ” — Jud Tylor

140. “I don’t always roller skate, but when I do, I prefer to stay upright.”

141. Skating is my main jam.

142. “I’m not a quitter. I’m just really bad at roller skating.”

143. “Roller skating: the perfect way to add a little fun to your day.”

144. “Roller skating is not just a hobby, it’s a passion.”

145. “That’s where you just have to get creative. There are all these trampoline parks and there’s bowling and there’s roller skating.” ~ Michelle Obama

146. “When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a legend, to be remembered in figure skating. ” — Michelle Kwan

147. “There were a couple of years where I was skating and acting at the same time. ” — Julie Benz

148. “For me, skating and life are two sides of a coin.”

149. Had a blast at the roller rink today!

150. “I don’t fall, I roll with style.” – Unknown

151. “Roller skating: the perfect combination of fun and fitness.”

152. “Living that roller skating life.”

153. This is my audition tape to be a roller derby babe.

154. Feeling like the coolest kid at the roller rink.

155. “I started skating when I was five years old in Pasadena, California. ” — Mirai Nagasu

156. “Yes, I was a roller rink kid.”

157. “Let the good times roll.”

158. “We are not going to tell you how many times we failed before we nailed this.”

159. “Wheels on my feet, wind in my hair, and a smile on my face.”

160. “I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving my energy for roller skating.”

161. “Roller skating is my cardio…and my comedy.”

162. Roller skating is so much fun!

163. “Don’t be a hater, be a roller bladder.”

164. “Skate into the future, but don’t forget to enjoy the present.”

165. Just another day at the roller rink!

166. “Life’s a journey, so lace up your skates and enjoy the ride.”

167. “Just keep rolling.”

168. Roller skating is a great way to get some exercise!

169. Good things come to those who skate.

170. “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

171. “The world is my rink, and roller skates are my wings.”

172. “Roller skating: where the impossible becomes possible.”

173. “Dust off your dancing shoes, the ones with wheels attached, because I’ve got banjo sounds FOR SALE. I’ve got boxes and boxes of the stuff labeled “Sexy," and to be sure nobody steals them, they are rubber and waterproof and I store them all on the bottom of my duck pond.”

174. “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride on skates.”

175. “Roller skating: because walking is overrated.”

176. “Life is short, so skate your heart out.” – Unknown

177. “The most important thing about skating is that it teaches you to do the things you should do before you do the things you want to do. ” — Barbara Ann Scott

178. “I definitely still work on my skating a lot. ” — Connor McDavid

179. Just keep rolling.

180. “Life is too short for boring shoes. Wear roller skates.”

181. “It doesn’t make a difference if you skate fast or slow. Just as long as you skate.”

182. “Whenever I put myself out there on the line, skating against other people, I simply want to win. ” — Shani Davis

183. “Roller skating: where dreams come true, and falls make you stronger.”

184. “The only way to do it is to do it on roller skates.”

185. “I came for the workout, I stayed for the wipeouts.”

186. “Let’s roll into the weekend together.”

187. It's just you and the pavement, and you're in control. - Unknown

188. “It’s a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water. ” — Franklin P. Jones

189. Them: Let's go for a hike. Me: Let's skate instead.

190. “Skating is freedom on wheels.”

191. When in doubt, skate it out.

192. “I’m not afraid of falling. I’m afraid of looking stupid while falling.”

193. “Rollin’ with my homies.”

194. “The rink is my happy place.” – Unknown

195. “Roller skating is my therapy.”

196. “I think for me it was a natural transition to move full time into acting rather than figure skating. ” — Julie Benz

197. “Skating was the vessel into which I could pour my heart and soul. ” — Peggy Fleming

198. Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again. — Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

199. “Life is short, so skate your heart out.”

200. Felt cute. Might skate around town later.

201. “Skating: the art of movement, the joy of rhythm, and the expression of freedom.”

202. “I skate, therefore I grin.”

203. “Who needs balance when you’ve got roller skates?”

204. “Let’s roll into the weekend together.” – Unknown

205. I'm wheely good at this.

206. “You don’t stop skating because you grow old. You grow old because you stop skating”

207. Take me back to the '90s, please.

208. Skate time is all the time.

209. “Roller skating is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.”

210. “I didn’t get into skating to be famous. ” — Eric Heiden

211. “For a long time, just skating in the Olympics had been my goal because not many Koreans had done it. ” — Kim Yuna

212. Love spending my Saturdays at the roller rink!

213. “I skate to escape the mundane.” – Unknown

214. “Roller skating is like meditation on wheels.”

215. “Roller skating: the ultimate form of self-expression.”

216. “Skating is freedom.” – Unknown

217. “On a roll with my soulmate.”

218. “The past couple years training with Kurt have really brought inspiration into my skating. ” — Kristi Yamaguchi

219. “Life is a journey, so let’s skate it out.” – Unknown

220. “Let’s roll into the sunset together.”

221. Listen to The Roller Skate Dad Podcast on Spotify

222. It doesn't matter if you skate fast or slow. Just as long as you skate.

223. Why walk when you can skate?

224. “Rollin’ with the good vibes.” – Unknown

225. Eat. Sleep. Skate.

226. “Roller skating: the perfect way to add a little fun to your day.” – Unknown

227. “Ice skating is very difficult. It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of hard work. It’s fun, but you are there on the ice every morning freezing and trying to do these moves and these tricks. ” — Michelle Trachtenberg

228. Love roller skating? Tag us in your next post!

229. So much fun roller skating with my friends!

230. “If you are going to be ice skating for three or potentially six months, you are probably going to get injured a lot. ” — Chloe Madeley

231. “Skating in itself is a difficult sport, and the amazing athletes within the sport are very challenging. ” — Nathan Chen

232. “Yes, I am the Olympic champion, but this is not the end of it. I want all the gold that there is out there, everything that exists in figure skating. In all events, in all competitions. ” — Adelina Sotnikova

233. “Rollin’ with my crew.”

234. “I want kids to enjoy skating, and I think it’s a great workout. ” — Oksana Baiul

235. “I came, I saw, I put on roller skates.”

236. See skate quotes stock video clips

237. Feeling the need for speed!

238. Roller skating is the best way to spend a weekend!

239. “Life is short, so roll with it.”

240. “Roller skating: the perfect escape from reality.”

241. I'm in a love-skate relationship.

242. Yes, I was a roller rink kid.

243. “Roller skating: the ultimate leg day.”

244. I always feel so free when I skate. It's like I can do anything. - Unknown

245. I'd roll with you any day.

246. “Skateboarding? No thanks, I prefer roller skating.”

247. “Figure skating is a mixture of art and sport. ” — Katarina Witt

248. “As soon as I was introduced to ice speed skating, I was instantly hooked. I never thought about pursuing skating professionally; I just enjoyed doing it. ” — Shani Davis

249. Ready for another round of roller skating?

250. You don't like skating? As if!

251. “Roller skating is dancing with wheels. I let the rhythm flow through my body like water through a duck. Watch where you step.”

252. “If you fall, get back up and roll with it.”

253. The best way to spend a Saturday morning!

254. Skating the heck out of these four wheels.

255. “My skating career won’t last forever. ” — Nathan Chen

256. Roller skating is the best way to get your cardio in!

257. “Skate away the day.”

258. Let the good times roll.

259. “Roller-skating and ice-skating are two different things – I found that out the hard way.” ~ Todd Bridges

260. “Four wheels are better than two feet.”

261. Blink and you'll miss my awesome tricks.

262. Sometimes, you've just got to roll with it.

263. “Skating: the ultimate combination of strength, grace, and fun.” – Unknown

264. “I love skating so much, and I feel like every time I step out onto the ice, that’s what I’m meant to do. ” — Clara Hughes

265. “Skate, laugh, and love.”

266. I'm ready for the big ramps.

267. “‘Roller skating is boring,’ said no one ever.”

268. “Roller skating: because falling off a bike just isn’t embarrassing enough.”

269. “Passover and Easter are the only Jewish and Christian holidays that move in sync, like the ice skating pairs we saw during the winter Olympics. ” — Marvin Olasky

270. Roller skating is boring,' said no one ever.

271. “The world is my rink.” – Unknown

272. Skaters gonna skate.

273. “Skateboarding? No thanks, I prefer roller skating.” – Unknown

274. I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my life and I was only on skates for 10 minutes. - Will Ferrell

275. “Roller skating is not a sport, it’s an art.” – Unknown

276. “Four wheels move the body, but roller skates move the soul.”

277. I followed my heart, and it led me to the roller rink.

278. “You don’t need a license to rollerblade.”

279. “Keep calm and skate on.”

280. The best way to learn to skate is to fall down a lot. - Unknown

281. “Find your balance and let’s roll.”

282. “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.” – Unknown

283. “All I know is that skating is getting better; the guys are getting better throughout the whole age range. ” — Elvis Stojko

284. It feels like flying. - Unknown

285. New episodes roll out every Thursday.

286. “I Feel like the coolest kid at the skatepark.”

287. This is how I roll.

288. “Skating has always been a major area of interest to me. ” — Sasha Cohen

289. “Skate hard, and skate with heart.” – Unknown

290. “Roller skating is boring,” said no one ever.

291. I refuse to let the fear of getting hurt stop me from doing what makes me happy.

292. Skating is my favorite way to stay in shape!

293. Love and skates.

294. Roller skating is always a good time!

295. “I like to pick on figure skating, which is very athletic, but it’s not a sport. ” — John Part

296. “When I was in the care system, I lived for skating and drawing. I lived on roller skates. ” — Goldie

297. “Power and strength are most important for my skating. ” — Nyjah Huston

298. “And I love what I do, and I love skating. ” — Nancy Kerrigan

299. “Eat. Sleep. Skate.”

300. “Them: Let’s go for a hike. Me: Let’s skate instead.”

301. “Society is like a large piece of frozen water, and skating well is the great art of social life. ” — Letitia Elizabeth Landon

302. “I don’t always roller skate, but when I do, I look ridiculous.”

303. “I’m not great at roller skating, but at least I’m not falling down anymore.”

304. If you fall, make it part of the routine.

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