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300 Inspiring St Julie Billiart Quotes: Catholic Saint

1. We must look not so much at the difficulties we meet in doing good as at the glory it can give to the good God.

2. God allows us to be deprived of the feeling of His presence, so that we may cling to Him and not to His gifts.

3. I pray to God for the living that He may sanctify them and for the dead that He may ease their sufferings

4. The interior life does not consist in extraordinary things, but chiefly in union with our Lord.

5. all that I ask of the Lord is that I accomplish His will since that is the way He wants to lead me.

6. The good God loves you so much that He cannot let anything happen that is not for your good.

7. Courage ! The more crosses you have, the more your soul will grow. Let the good God act.

8. When the good God asks something of us, He gives us the means of doing it.

9. Understand this once and for all; the good God does nit ask as much of us as we often want to do.

10. Ask the Lord for the grace of doing always what is most pleasing to Him, what will glorify Him most.

11. May everything in us be very humble; all of us have reason to be so, having nothing good in us at all.

12. May the peace of the Lord be always with you. May the peace of the Holy Spirit dwell in your hearts.

13. The good god who governs all shows us that in His goodness, He has care of us.

14. In Jesus Christ we are all one nation though we may come from different countries and different grades of society.

15. Charity never ruins anything, for charity comes from the good God.

16. Courage, the good God treats us better than He did His dear Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

17. Do your duty well; above all, as far as possible, keep your rule that is your life, your eternal life.

18. It takes great courage to advance more and more in virtue each day.

19. I go quietly on day by day. I wait for the good God. I look at Him, I follow Him.

20. Let us try to acquire a sense of the holy presence of the good God; then all will go well.

21. We must have firm confidence in the Lord His eyes are fixed on us, let us fix our eyes on Him alone.

22. Let us never lose sight of the Eye that sees all things, the Hand that writes all things.

23. We must in all things avoid an argumentative spirit which, as you know, leads to uneasiness of mind and makes us lose our peace of soul.

24. Let us labor with the Holy Spirit in the work the good God has entrusted to us

25. Do only God's holy will in everything; not taking a single step faster than He does, according to His good pleasure.

26. Place all your confidence in God; He will always assist you.

27. There must be time of trial. The good God arranges them for all of us.

28. Whatever the sacrifices asked of us, we must consider ourselves happy to have the means of glorifying the good God.

29. We must always have recourse to the Blessed Virgin in all oour wants both spiritual and temporal.

30. When we show our good will, God grants us graces.

31. All will go well if we allow the good God to act.

32. Seek only the greater glory of the good God in everything you have to do.

33. Consider yourself happy that the good God is willing to use you. See everything that happens to you as coming from Him.

34. Without the cross, I should never hope for any good to come from this work.

35. Take things in your stride. Not so many efforts, much more love, and conformity to the will of God in practice

36. Our hearts must be always ready to will all that the good God asks of us.

37. Let us act in all things with the liberty of the children of God.

38. time is a great master; I prefer to let it pass. it will teach us many things.

39. Let us carry our cross willingly with our good Jesus if we wish to be glorified with Him.

40. It is by way of prayer that God makes saints.

41. We must have courage in the century we live in. Great souls are needed, souls having the interest of God at heart.

42. Let us rest in God. He turns all things to good for those who love Him.

43. Act with all possible liberty of mind and heart, always in God and for God. Let us never lose sight of His good pleasure.

44. Hold fast the hand of the good God so that He may lead you, and that yuou may do all He wants.

45. To do some good, it must cost something . Nothing is given away free. Souls are not won without trouble.

46. A soul possessing God in the Blessed Sacrament is worthy of all the admiration of the angels.

47. The good God is our good Father. As long as we serve Him with our whole hearts He will not abandon us.

48. Let us always put all our confidence in our good Father who is in heaven.

49. It is not a Little thing to be both Martha and Mary. We must fulfill both these vocations at once.

50. Never let the peace of your heart be disturbed by anything in the world.

51. Let us accept the sorrows which come to us from the hand of our good Father . Let us rest quietly in His will.

52. Everything begun by God's will and marked by the cross goes well.

53. If you want the good God to be always with you, be always with Him by great confidence in His infinite goodness.

54. The simple person sees the will of God, the help of God in everything.

55. All that is undertaken at His divine will and is marked by the sign of the Cross succeeds.

56. Let us pray ever more and more that the reign of Christ may extend over the whole world.

57. Live in great peace and charity keeping yourselves closely united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

58. We must go on leaving ourselves totally in the hands of the good God for everything.

59. Our blunders must not be an obstacle to the work of God's grace in us.

60. Courage ! Make all the sacrifices the good God asks of you.

61. How good a thing to lean on Him who alone is unchangeable.

62. When you have free moments, go faithfully to prayer. The good God is waiting for you there.

63. Although Mary was chosen to be the Mother of God, she never loss sight of her lowliness.

64. Have much courage in your prayer, darkness, light, everything blesses the good God.

65. You know we obtain everything from the good God by prayer.

66. What a treasure of love is my God to have put up with my imperfections; that must only increase my confidence in His goodness.

67. You will have more ups and downs; you must expect them, for that is how we all are.

68. Things do not always go s well as we want. They go well only if the good God directs them.

69. Things do not always depend on us. We must want what God wants. He sometimes wants to see our faith and confidence in Him.

70. We must not grow tired of waiting for the most favorable time; the good God has waited so long for us.

71. We have to let the good God do as He likes. He is so good that He cannot want any thing but what is very good for us and for God's greater glory.

72. You ought to have great trust that the good God will protect you in every circumstance.

73. Time will make known how admirable are the ways of God.

74. There must be nothing little among us; we must have The Hearts of Apostles.

75. Let us rest in the Lord, He turns all things together into good for those who love Him.

76. The work of the good God requires persons who labor every day at becoming perfect.

77. A simple soul is one who seeks only God does not fear being laughed at or despised.

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79. Let us turn to God in beginning our actions, then try as far as we can to preserve His holy presence, and abandon all else to His Providence.

80. Do not put off by the first difficulty, for this is how the good God tests us to see if we have enough courage to go on to the end leaving it all in the hands.

81. Talks sense to people. religion without doubt, but let us begin by sense; that is the best way to find an entrance to their-heart.

82. Go to the good God with all your heart. He will do His work in you provided You are faithful to Him.

83. Days of darkness are, perhaps our best and happiest days for glorifying the good God.

84. As long as you belong utterly to the good God, I am not worried about the rest. He is our good Father.

85. Praise be Jesus and His holy cross. Let us love it, let us carry it . May this be our happiness for time and eternity.

86. Since the good God wills the heat and the cold, may His holy name be blessed.

87. See the good God in everything and all will turn out to your advantage.

88. However dry your prayer may appear to you, by your spirit of faith and sacrifice, you will always find in it support for the way.

89. “Ask, hope, expect everything form God’s infinite goodness.”

90. You will find in prayer the strength to sustain you on your journey.

91. For goodness sake , let us use well the time the good God gives us ... animate all your actions to achieve His greater glory.

92. Love the good God with all your heart and all your soul. Do everything out of love for Him.

93. We have our great patroness, our good Mother to watch over us, put your trust in her and no harm will come to you.

94. Nothing happens by chance; it is always the disposition of the good God.

95. Courage, strength, and above all , simplicity in order not to allow yourself to be troubled.

96. God has never failed those who hope in His goodness.

97. Always keep up your confidence; that is the best way to live in peace and union with the good God.

98. We must be gentle without weaknesses. The good God gives the right balance.

99. It is the divine Heart of Jesus that we should live and die.

100. It is good sign when the good God causes us todo what we have neither seen nor wanted.

101. Often too much human foresight stands in the way ... prudence, of course, but afterward let the grace of God do its work.

102. There is but one cry of my heart " My God, what will you have me to do ?"

103. Do not be ungrateful to the good God for all He has been doing for you each day.

104. Many times the Bishop of Ghent has said to me, " Mere Julie, it is your vocation to go anywhere in the world; you are not made to stay in only one diocese."

105. Here is the solid truth the good God asks us to do only the good in our power - what we can do with the help of His grace.

106. Let us fit ourselves for always giving the Lord all the glory He expects of us.

107. Let us look at our daily tasks with the eyes of faith.

108. Wish for nothing but to go on from day to day. In that I find my peace.

109. If you find in you heart a constant desire to belong to God, whatever it may cost, all is well . Be at peace.

110. Would to heaven we had as much love for God as we have for ourselves.

111. God's peace will reign in the heart of each one of us, and we shall do our best to bring it into the hearts of others.

112. It is the spirit of faith which is the mark of true Christians - the principle that animates all their actions.

113. I ask for all of you that spirit of charity gentleness, patience and love for Our Lord in His members whom you will always have with you.

114. My God, grant us the grace not to lose sight of the account we must render to You of ourselves and of others.

115. The good God can give more than our minds can conceive. Trust Him.

116. Let God act freely in you. Do less yourself and you will see that He will do His work in peace and quiet.

117. I am confident in all this upheaval of the whole universe that the good Good and His blessed Mother are protecting you.

118. In whatever way God comes to us, He must always be welcome.

119. God alone is necessary for His work since He has permitted things to be as they are.

120. Do not allow yourself to be too harassed, but reanimate your faith in order to carry the yoke of the Lord cheerfully.

121. Let us do what the good God shows us moment by moment.

122. God tests us by various trials and we shall have peace if we submit to His will.

123. Try always, to act with all possible kindness and charity, but stand firm when the glory of God demands it.

124. We are quite capable of spoiling the work of grace within us; so it is often a great advantage for us to feel forsaken.

125. Peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit and love follows it; together they make up the happiness of the soul in this life.

126. Our path has been marked out for us, let us walk along it bravelu, remembering that Jesus goes before us.

127. God asks of me only to lean on Him and to be led by all the marks. He has always given me of His providence, to abandon myself completely into His hands

128. The good God never asks any sacrifice for which He does not send an accompanying grace.

129. Let your aim be to love the good God and to serve Him, but to do both well.

130. Good will alone is not enough; it must also be put into practice.

131. Let us do everything for the love of the good God, with the sole aim of pleasing Him.

132. We are what we want to be by the efforts we are willing to make.

133. Expect everything from God. He promised us Himself that His ear would be attentive to the needs of the poor.

134. Always begins by gentleness; that is the way the Spirit of the good God inspires.

135. Man proposes and the good God disposes. May His most just and wise will be done in every event.

136. Let us always go on sowing the good seed; then live in the peace of God.

137. We must depend entirely on grace to say what is to the point; or to say nothing if we do not find the person well disposed.

138. let us ask that God may send us His spirit of charity; of goodness, of simplicity which makes us docile to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

139. Let us try to learn from times of privation how to make better use of the further benefits the good God wants to grant us and which we need so much.

140. May the Holy will of God be done in all of us. Let us stay firmly anchored there in all the events of our lives.

141. Let us beware of being in a greater hurry than the good God.

142. The thought of Holy communion should be the soul of our life and help us to sacrifice all to God.

143. The Sacred Heart of Jesus makes Himself responsible for the salvation of those who spend themselves for the salvation of others.

144. If you wish your children to respect you, speak to them yourselves with respect; no good can be done otherwise.

145. We must be satisfied with doing our duty well, and then leave everything to the mercy of the good God.

146. We must imitate our Lady's charity, for love is never better proved than by a full and perfect conformity to the will of the good God.

147. My prayer is that the good God may establish His absolute reign in your heart and in the hearts of all.

148. Labor unremittingly to become holy for the holier you are the holier those who follow you.

149. Let us follow the good God step by step. Let us not go faster than He does.

150. The good God smooths out obstacles if we are careful to leave everything in His hands.

151. I ask for you a year overflowing with the graces and blessings of heaven for your spiritual progress; then good health for the accomplishment of God's will.

152. Whould to heaven that we had as much love for God as we have for ourselves.

153. There is much more merit in living with imperfect people than in living with saints.

154. Through the good example Christians give they are a treasure in the community.

155. Let us preserve the spark of faith which still exists in our society by the grace of the good God.

156. If the good \god is for us, who shall be against us ? Courage ! Courage .

157. Let us pray as much as we can; let us join together in prayer to obtain peace.

158. A person does more good in the place where divine Providence has put her then would all others with more talents

159. A simple soul is the delight of God and the Holy Spirit reposes in her as in His temple.

160. Patience and courage, it is impossible in this life mot to have a mixture of ups and downs.

161. Let us keep close the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

162. Great confidence in God and an honest heart; that is all you need to set your mind at ease.

163. If you do not see in the good God's dealings with you His extreme goodness, I do not know where you would find any goodness.

164. If all does not go right, the good God will open a way for us. Be occupied with the present moment.

165. The good God will arrange it if it is his good pleasure. How good the good God is to use us to do His work.

166. Souls of faith are unshaken by all the events of life.

167. Let us leave ourselves in the hands of the good God for everything. He will be out mainstay, out light, and our counsel in all things.

168. We shall never be able to do enough for a God who is so good towards us.

169. We need something more than courage; we need patience, great patience.

170. I can tell you that the good God grants us many graces by calling us to His holy service. Do not be afraid if the obstacles we meet on the way.

171. How great the harvest is everywhere, and how few laborers there are.

172. If you do not cultivate the interior spirit, you will never do anything of much value.

173. Do your best and after that, go on simply. God gives the growth when it pleases Him.

174. We must be souls ready for sacrifices if we wish to be worthy of the vocation to which we are called.

175. He who grants us the grace of using us in His work promises to grant us all we ask in order to make Him known and loved.

176. It is the best thing in the world not to hurry if we do not see things clearly enough. My heart utters but one cry, " My God, what do you want me to do ? "

177. Our work must be marked everywhere by the cross, Remember, the cross is good at all times even after Easter.

178. Pray much that the good God will bless our work, for His interests alone must fill our hearts.

179. Our Lady helps those who honor her not merely by prayer-but also by imitating her virtues.

180. My wish for you is great peace and union among you.

181. God asks of us not promises but efforts sustained, persevering efforts.

182. You know thart we obtain everything from the good God by prayer.

183. May heaven direct your steps all for the greater glory of the good God.

184. all for the greater glory of God. Let us no longer wish for anything but that.

185. The good God will take care of us; He is our good Father.

186. Peace is the greatest pledge of God's love for you. Preserve this precious treasure carefully.

187. Let us do the work og the Lord with great gaith, in a great spirit of charity.

188. Patience, the good God has His plans; let us follow them with all our hearts.

189. May the holy will of God always be done in us.

190. I wish you fresh courage to make progress day by day by putting all your confidence in the Lord.

191. Trust the good God and He will never fail you.

192. The mote you trust the good God, the moore He will love you.

193. Let us always do what the good God shows us moment by, without wanting anything else.

194. How hard and yet joyfully we must fight against temptations and not be afraid of them. The crown is reserved only for those who fight.

195. How many foolish things we do ! That is all that can be expected of us. Be well assured that the good God will always bless your good intentions.

196. Whatever may be God's will shall also be mine. May that will always be our driving power and our center.

197. Listen to the Spirit of the good God and do nothing until you have prayed to Him to know what He asks of you.

198. The arm of the good God is not Shortened . Put all your trust in Him since it is His Work.

199. “Teach them what they need to know for life” St. Julie Billiart

200. We cannot act with too much prudence, wisdom, and discretion towards all ... where the glory of God is at stake.

201. Let us devote ourselves wholly and entirely to the duties of our state of life.

202. Remember for the whole of your life that if you are not truly interior, you will never find the good God easily in your heart; consequently it will be very empty.

203. The to advance in simplicity is to love God intensely.

204. Let us accomplish everything under the eyes of God in the pure simplicity of faith.

205. The more generous you are with God the more liberal He will be with you.

206. The good God is our loving Father, trust Him .

207. Be simple in all things and the spirit of the good God will dwell in you.

208. How good is the good God who tries us ! If we liveeee by crosses, we shall die of love.

209. How happy we are to belong to the good God with our whole hearts

210. You shall enjoy peace if you are full of charity and if you are faithful to your prayer.

211. Peace and union of hearts, that is the bond of all the earth .

212. There is no spiritual progress when we want something different from God and His good pleasure.

213. Await everything from the good God and have boundless confidence in Him.

214. You must devote yourselves unreservedly to the interests of the good God.

215. Let us reanimate our courage; our road leads to a blessed eternity.

216. Not advancing means going back, particularly in the virtues of charity and humility.

217. There is always in the ways of Divine Providence something that we do not understand and that we do not want, because there must be a place for faith and the cross.

218. God wants to make use of you to teach children to know and love Him. Devote yourself to this work.

219. As for selling all and giving to the poor, the good God does not ask everybody to practice the evangelical counsel in the same way. But He does ask us to share what we have.

220. Preserve in all things the awareness of the holy Presence of God.

221. We do not come into Notre Dame to do for the good God what can be done in the world.

222. In periods of darkness we can only wait for the sun to reappear

223. Be of good heart ! If the good God be with you, no evil can happen to you. I promise you that in His name.

224. How good is the good God. We shall say so again in time and throughout eternity.

225. Praised be His holy cross ! Let us love, let us carry it. May that be our joy for eternity.

226. We have a long way to go before we are perfect. Let us trudge on every day one step further. Heaven is our reward.

227. Love the good God, desire only Him in everything you do and all will go well.

228. Ask the good God to bless the crosses which His hand lays upon you.

229. Draw great advantage from all trials. Nothing causes trees to be more strongly rooted than great winds.

230. We shall never love the good God if we do not love our neighbor as ourselves. Not those who please us, but those who have faults as we do.

231. How the good god loves hearts which appreciate the value of His gifts.

232. Desire to bless the Lord at all times and in all circumstances; in adversity as well as prosperity.

233. You know the good God can only be heard in a calm state of mind and not in that mental agitation into which we sometimes fail by our wen fault.

234. However harsh God's dealing with us may seem to be, He is an infinitely wise, just and good God.

235. Be persons of prayer; it is impossible to pray well and not to be obedient, not to be charitable.

236. It is trust in His goodness which is our strength. We must always fall back on that.

237. How good is the good God who tries us ! Let us live for Him. Let us die for Him.

238. All things must bless God. Let us stand fast in times of darkness.

239. Confidence, the good God is there ! Those who put their trust in Him alone have never been forsaken.

240. Be steadfast and have no fear of Satan. He cannot harm you if you have great trust in God .

241. Do what you can and don't waste time lamenting over what you can't do.

242. Try to have liberty of spirit in order to do what the good God shows you.

243. Your spiritual progress must be based on the firm and solid rock of the holy word of God.

244. Happy the soul who sees the holy will of the good God being accomplished in her.

245. It is not necessary for us to do all the good God asks us to do in the order of His Providence.

246. Much courage and great patience. In time the good God will show you what ought to be done.

247. The cross is the Hallmark of the saints. Our heavenly Father never sends a cross save through love.

248. The Spirit of God will do in you all that you could not do even with many great talents.

249. Without religion, there is no true happiness in the world. Everything else is only an illusion of happiness.

250. Courageous souls are needed for the service of the good God .

251. You must trust God absolutely: with your whole mind, your whole soul, and with your whole strength.

252. Cast off this spirit of servitude and take on the liberty of the children of God.

253. “My prayer is that the good God may establish His absolute reign in your heart and in the hearts of all.”

254. Courage is needed to put up with ourselves, with all our weaknesses, and with those of others.

255. see how different the good God's way of thinking is from ours! Receive with thanksgiving whatever He sends you.

256. Let us follow the Spirit of the good God, a spirit of patience-of great, great patience ,as you find every day.

257. Never lose sight of the fact that you are consecrated to the good God and must advance every day in perfection.

258. If you do not become souls of prayer, the institute will perish.

259. It is always by way of sacrifice that the Lord wants to lead us to Himself.

260. Let us die to ourselves in order to live no longer but by the of God, the life of faith.

261. If the good God sends us many sufferings, sorrows and crosses, let us take care to make good use of them.

262. Above all, do not gave way to fear. The good God is our strength.

263. Let us pray very much for our needs and for the need of Holy Church . They are very great.

264. If we live without desire, we live peacefully in God-all for Him, all for His greater glory.

265. I do not think of what people say or think of me , I want to have God for my judge.

266. If we are humble, God will make us instruments for the saving of souls, angels of peace for the whole world.

267. Souls of faith who put all their confidence in God and leave all to Him will enjoy great tranquility even in the midst of storms and squalls.

268. Let us do God's work in a manner worthy of Him.

269. Let us all pray for one another that we may fulfill perfectly the designs that Jesus has upon us.

270. It was our Lady's humility which rendered her pleasing to God and made her the means of salvation for the whole human race.

271. Virtue must animate us to do everything well for the greater glory of the good God.

272. The good God asks us to sow and He undertakes to make the seed bear fruit in its season.

273. Leave well enough alone and go on gently with patience, charity, kindness, peace, and without worry.

274. To work at the formation of our character is sometimes the labor of a whole lifetime, then a blessed eternity is waiting for those who have made the effort.

275. It is by the education of the rising generation that we are to form Christian mothers, Christian families and to save souls.

276. We must always go on along the road where God has set us.

277. Do not be anxious: go straight on forgetfull of self, letting the spirit of God act instead of your own.

278. Learn to say always," How good God is " when things go right with you, and when things go wrong.

279. Let us stay at the foot of the cross with our good Jesus and His holy Mother. May our hearts be closely united to theirs.

280. May the peace of the Lord be always with you; may the peace of the Holy Spirit dwell in your hearts.

281. A single word from an interior soul is better than the longest sermon in the world.

282. May you have all those things,which will best please the Heart of our good Jesus.

283. The good God is so good ! Oh, how good He is.

284. How ardent are my wishes for all of you that your hearts may seek the real road leading in truth to the good God.

285. If you have the happiness of helping people in the way of salvation , you have gained more than the whole universe.

286. With the help of the good God all will go well, provided we do not want to go faster then He does.

287. ...There is no risk if it pleases the good God.

288. Recognize your powerless to produce any good in the soul of your neighbor. All we do is nothing at all if the good God does not come to our help.

289. We live in uncertain times where we have to fight against many enemies... You can see that the good God is obviously helping us.

290. From time to time, God grants us a sweetness which encourages us so that when it is absent we may remember that God's help is indeed here.

291. Let us work with confidence in the vineyard of the Lord. He will be our reward.

292. There is nothing more contrary to the Spirit of God in prayer than wanting to see and understand everything.

293. Go on from moment to moment. It is the surest way of doing the holy will of God.

294. Never refuse God anything He is pleased to ask of you. Courage. Courage.

295. May the holy Name of the Lord be ever blessed and praised for all His mercies.

296. A simple soul is contented with everything and leaves all in the hands of God.

297. Be very careful not to be agitated about success or failure.

298. The good God is not like men. He does not change and His promises are as sure as Himself.

299. It is only the things we do against the grain that really count as sacrifices pleasing to God.

300. God loves a simple heart which does its best.

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