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  • Jonno White

300 Inspiring St Julie Billiart Quotes: Catholic Saint

1. We must look not so much at the difficulties we meet in doing good as at the glory it can give to the good God.

2. God allows us to be deprived of the feeling of His presence, so that we may cling to Him and not to His gifts.

3. I pray to God for the living that He may sanctify them and for the dead that He may ease their sufferings

4. The interior life does not consist in extraordinary things, but chiefly in union with our Lord.

5. all that I ask of the Lord is that I accomplish His will since that is the way He wants to lead me.

6. The good God loves you so much that He cannot let anything happen that is not for your good.

7. Courage ! The more crosses you have, the more your soul will grow. Let the good God act.

8. When the good God asks something of us, He gives us the means of doing it.

9. Understand this once and for all; the good God does nit ask as much of us as we often want to do.

10. Ask the Lord for the grace of doing always what is most pleasing to Him, what will glorify Him most.

11. May everything in us be very humble; all of us have reason to be so, having nothing good in us at all.

12. May the peace of the Lord be always with you. May the peace of the Holy Spirit dwell in your hearts.

13. The good god who governs all shows us that in His goodness, He has care of us.

14. In Jesus Christ we are all one nation though we may come from different countries and different grades of society.

15. Charity never ruins anything, for charity comes from the good God.