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  • Jonno White

250 Inspiring XXXTentacion Quotes And Lyrics On Depression

1. I like to rock out like I’m misfit. ~XXXTentacion

2. The pain you seem to give, my friend.” – XXXTENTACION

3. With this pain inside of my chest

4. “You can’t do good if you’re wishing bad on others.” – XXXTENTACION

5. “Mmm, baby, I don’t understand this

6. “Why am I so in love? Why am I so in love? Why am I so in love? I don’t know why.” – XXXTENTACION

7. If people want to judge me they can judge me. ~XXXTentacion

8. “Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling. Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails and I just can’t keep on fine.” – XXXTENTACION

9. Whether you realize it or not, everyday you evolve and create a thought.~XXXTentacion

10. “Be kind to one another, even when it’s not requested.” – XXXTENTACION

11. “I used to beat kids at school just to get her to talk to me, yell at me.” – XXXTENTACION

12. Can’