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Leadership Conversation - Episode 187 with Catherine Law

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Name: Catherine Law

Current title : Principal

Current organisation: Avonside Girls' High School

Hello, I am Catherine Law, and I am proud to be the new Principal of Avonside Girls’ High School, Te Kura Kohine o Otakaro. Having attended an independent Girls’ school and worked in top girls’ schools in London and Hawkes’ Bay, I am passionate about the power of single-sex education to empower young women. More than ever, our young women today need an educational space that allows them to flourish as critical, ethical and articulate thinkers with a strong sense of autonomy, identity and purpose going out into the world. At the heart of this space our values of respect, integrity, self–discipline and contribution continue to be key.

As the 11th Principal of Avonside Girls’ High School, I am looking forward to leading teams of high-quality teaching and administration staff who are deeply committed to providing the absolute best for your young people. Their warmth and welcome have been amazing.

I am keen to get to know the students, whanau and the wider community of Te Kura Kohine o Otakaro as we move forward together. My door is open, and I welcome you to come in and say hello, see around our school and meet our young women, the leaders of tomorrow. We have an exciting future ahead.

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