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Leadership Conversation - Episode 207 with Tim Murphy

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Name: Tim Murphy

Current title : Chief Executive Officer

Current organisation: Boomers Parks

Entrepreneurial and strategic C-Level executive & Board Director with 30+ years of leadership creating strong teams & culture to improve performance and turnaround companies needing significant growth, cost savings, and innovative new ideas.

Strategic executive with 30+ years of international experience as CEO, President, COO, CFO and Advisor to 150+ brands with 10K+ locations, improving performance of entertainment, restaurants, food & beverages, retail, and other industries.

Concurrently, work in family entertainment for two private equity firms: 1) Cerberus, operating CEO (North America), and 2) The Carlyle Group, Board Director (Latin America).

Expert at leading turnarounds, improving profitability, creating new revenues, and negotiating acquisitions. Successful charismatic hands-on leader providing face to public focused on results, maximizing CAPEX, improving corporate culture, and building strong teams with core values, vision, expectations, exceptional guest service and innovative risk taking.

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