Leadership Conversation- Episode 104 with Rocki Howard

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Name: Rocki Howard

Current title: Chief People and Equity Officer

Current organisation: The Mom Project

As a black wife, mother, woman, Christian and leader over forty who values individuality as one of my highest needs, diversity has always been top on my personal and professional agenda.

I have spent 20 plus years in the human resource and talent acquisition space. I believe when you give someone a job, in a culture where they are free to be themselves you change their lives. This belief is why I have passionately spent my career creating work cultures, that allow companies to hire and retain the best talent.

Diversity doesn't live in a vacuum, it thrives in cultures that are founded on equity and inclusion. I have felt most alive when working with organizations, who shared that belief and allowed me to advocate for people, to ensure they are heard, welcomed, treated equitable and have a strong sense of impact and belonging.

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