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Leadership Conversation- Episode 107 with Jeremy Williamson

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Name: Jeremy Williamson

Current title: Head of School - Primary

Current organisation: Genesis Christian College

I’ve worked at Genesis as Head of School – Primary since the beginning of 2019 after working in education for more than 20 years in various roles across independent, Catholic and state schools.

I hold undergraduate degrees in Music and Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Currently, I’m working on my Doctorate in Education, with a focus on the future skills curriculum.

Alongside leading the Primary School at Genesis, I spend a lot of my time working with other leaders in the College as we consider its future. Together, we are building on the great Christian foundation of our College, with future-focused, innovative teaching and learning programs, and a school culture which the whole Genesis community loves.

The vision I hold for our students is that they can grow into all of the aspects that make them them—their academics, culture and spirit—while preparing them for a future none of us can imagine just yet!

Our God has designed each of our students to be unique and precious to Him. It is our job as Genesis educators to create a safe place where children are free to discover themselves and who they are in Christ—no matter their skills, talents or ways of engaging in learning.

I believe Christ-likeness and perseverance are really important. Sometimes following Christ’s example seems easy and sometimes it can be difficult. But with perseverance and His help, we can keep striving to be more like Christ every day.

Music has always been my passion and I have spent a lot of my professional career travelling around Australia and the world playing the trumpet for well-known bands and orchestras. For me, it’s the creative and aesthetic sides of music and the arts that drives me to create something similar in schools—inspiring and creative places where children love to come and learn.

I’m married to Megan, a fellow primary teacher, and we have two daughters: Stella and Martha, who also attend Genesis.

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