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Leadership Conversation- Episode 94 with Kevin Skeoch

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Name: Kevin Skeoch

Current title: Founding Director/ Head of School

Current organisation: Brookes Education Group

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Mr. Skeoch, since 2012, is the founding Head of Dwight School Seoul, the first three programme International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Seoul, South Korea. In 2019, Mr. Skeoch initiated and chaired the first IB Association of Schools in South Korea.
Mr. Skeoch’s passion for international education has seen him through 25 years in Switzerland, the UK and South Korea where his expertise in IB World Schools saw him as chair for Councils of International Schools and IB authorizations teams across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He is past Executive Director of the Dwight Schools and shares a long working history with Dwight, with schools located in Qibao Shanghai, Dubai, London, New York and Seoul. In 2015, he became Director for the Asia Pacific region and member of Brookes Education Group; a global education network with schools in Canada, U.S.A., Ukraine, Russia, India and the United Kingdom.
Mr. Skeoch is a highly motivated and strategic global executive with extensive educational leadership experience having held positions as a global executive director, headmaster, and senior leader of schools on three continents. Mr. Skeoch possesses a deep knowledge of building and aligning school development projects, global recruitment and management practices. Known as an optimistic and inspiring leader, Mr. Skeoch understands what it means to be a lifelong learner and has a genuine belief in recognizing people at all levels of the organization, and in nurturing collaborative team building and communication.

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