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Leadership Conversations Podcast Episode with Michael Lubelfeld

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Michael Lubelfeld has served as a public school superintendent in Illinois since 2010. He currently serves as the superintendent of schools in the North Shore School District 112 in Highland Park, and Highwood, IL north of Chicago. Lubelfeld has presented on leadership topics around the state, nation, and world, and he is active in leadership development with state and national associations. He co-authored the 2017 book The Unlearning Leader: Leading for Tomorrow’s Schools the 2018 book Student Voice: From Invisible to Invaluable. His latest book, The Unfinished Leader: A School Leadership Framework for Growth & Development was released in May. Mike was awarded the 2021 Administration and Supervision Distinguished Alumni Award from Loyola University of Chicago School of Education. Mike and his wife Stephanie have two children and they live in suburban Chicago.

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