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Leadership Conversations Podcast Episode with Peter Richardson

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Peter has worked in the International Assistance industry (IA) for more than 18 years and brings experience in collaborations and avante garde ‘Brains Trust’ mind set. Fast becoming recognised as one of the IA industry experts Peter continues to work closely with connections across a number of regions. For him the key to the ‘Customer value proposition’ is to listen, understand the goals, build solutions that enhance products, in a supportive platform improving the clients Branding proposition.
With a back ground in Insurance Peter worked across personal, commercial lines of business (Accident, Health, Motor Lines, Property, Liability and CTP) in both underwriting, claims management and executive leadership.
In 2002 Peter joined International SOS with his remit to identify opportunities, build relationships, engineer new product lines, acquire high performing staff to build on the success for membership, financial Institutions, loyalty groups within the Australasian region. National Roadside Assistance that remains successful, established within this organization. With brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Citroen, FIAT, Subaru, Volkswagen, Suncorp, Real Insurance and Industry key alliances. Peter saw opportunities and the need for investment and now carries this experience into 365 Roadside Assistance.
In 2006 Peter worked in the Asia region and tasked to drive innovations and partnerships both in products with groups like Visa International, AIG, VGA and many other global fortune 500 companies.
Peter’s expertise and passion for collaborative partnerships permeates through the essence the 365 Assist Group.

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