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  • Jonno White

Why Patrick Lencioni?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I’m passionate about investing in people to become everything they can be. That’s why Patrick Lencioni is, by far, my favourite author on leadership. His principles aren’t just for the best of the organisation; they’re for the best of people.

I love his approach which could be summarised by his statement regarding building healthy teams, “it is both possible and remarkably simple. But it is painfully difficult.”

Leadership is difficult, extremely difficult. As a leadership and management consultant with 20+ years of consulting experience, Lencioni knows how difficult it is to lead well. But that doesn’t mean leadership principles should be complex and impossible to understand.

He embraces the tension: leadership is both simple and difficult … at the same time. If you’re looking for leadership principles and frameworks to help you in your context, then I’m sure you’ll find Lencioni’s team model or pyramid extremely helpful, along with his other concepts. His books are easy to read as they are written as fables. For anyone interested in finding out more about Patrick Lencioni, here are some good places to start.

The Table Group

Lencioni is best known for his books. But they actually form part of the larger strategy of his company, The Table Group. If I was leading a Fortune 500 company with an immense budget for external help, I know who would be my first point of contact. The Table Group has great information on Lencioni’s books, Lencioni’s blog, ‘Pat’s Point Of View’ plus contact details for the 30 or so Table Group consultants based around the world.

Jim Collins

Any Jim Collins fans out there? Jim Collins is probably second to Lencioni as most influential leadership authors in my life. His books include Built to Last, Good to Great and Great by Choice. In my opinion, his work has had a significant influence on Lencioni’s ideas. In particular, Lencioni’s first two questions of the six questions to create clarity, found in his book, The Advantage, are based on Jim Collins’ concepts of core purpose and core values from Built to Last. Lencioni explains as much in The Advantage. So, if you love Jim Collins’ work, chances are you’ll love Lencioni’s. And vice versa. Marcus Buckingham is another author worth checking out.

Here’s more information about The Advantage, Death by Meeting, The Ideal Team Player and Lencioni’s most well-known book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

The Advantage

The Advantage is my favourite Lencioni book. As much as I enjoy the fable-style of writing—which I believe he uses in all of his other books—The Advantage simply couldn’t be written as a fable. It would have been too long! It contains a summary of a number of Lencioni’s concepts and frameworks regarding leadership and organisational health.