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791 Inspirational Quotes From Kim Possible (2023)

1. “Who needs a cape when you have cheerleading skills?”

2. [gazing into Ron's eyes] Great, Wade!

3. [On a "gravy ghost" haunting the school cafeteria]

4. [over the Kimmunicator] Hey, Wade.

5. [a la Ricky Ricardo] Ron, you've got some 'splainin' to do!

6. [after being confined in the spacecraft prison] Ok, good.

7. “Word! Now let’s get this party started old school, yo!” – Dr. Drakken

8. Deep breath and take the plunge. ~Kim PossibleKim Possible dialogues

9. [talking about Kim's crush on Josh Mankey] You ever notice "Mankey" is a mere vowel away from "monkey!" Just an observation!

10. [While Kim is fighting Shego, Drakken's machine works]

11. “I’m not just a pretty face, I’m a fighter.”

12. [pouting] But I LIKE jumping over stuff.

13. “I remember that you’re my boyfriend. And that I think I love you.”

14. Ron Stoppable: “Okay, I have no idea what just happened. But I am clearly not cut out to help people make life choices. ”

15. [Drakken and Killigan are both in bed with colds.]

16. [Showing the henchmen his plan, Drakken smashes the pickle with his hand]

17. So this is a “take-over-the-world” thing… ~Kim Possible

18. [Kim and Monique give him a sideways glance]

19. “Saving the world, one bad guy at a time”

20. [groans] Now, undercover as a supervillain, you realize this? Let's go. Walk the walk, Zorpox.

21. [reading] "Steal ultrasonic drill, break into top secret lab, call Mother, conquer world..."

22. [Gemini fires missiles at Kim from his cybernetic hand]

23. [In the Go Tower, Hego receives an emergency call from the Mayor.]

24. “Oh, like I’m supposed to be surprised that Drakken’s behind me?” “How does she do that?”

25. [fires a second grappling hook, which tears his shirt off.]

26. “This is sick and wrong on so many levels!” – Shego

27. [Kim is in the park gathering trash as fast as she can. Ron is with her, but he works slowly]

28. “My mission: to save the world and look good doing it.”

29. “‘Impossible?’ Check my name. ” – Kim Possible

30. [camera cuts to Mr. Barkin grading Ron's "biology report"]

31. [a loud rip is heard]

32. “I’m going to whip you on technical merit and artistic impression!” – Shego

33. “I’m not just a hero, I’m a legend.”

34. “So where are we in the Possible family Christmas Eve schedule?” – Ron Stoppable

35. [after opening the pet carrier and finding Debutante instead of Rufus]

36. [Kim snags the decimator with a line and hauls it around before it fires, destroying the lair. Cut to later, in an underwater lair.]

37. [Kim claps a hand to her mouth, mortified...]

38. [Kim is left speechless, then looks at him and smiles]

39. [whimpers] Sorry.

40. “I’m not just saving the world, I’m changing it.”

41. Good, then it will be my honor to collapse from exhaustion. ~Ron Stoppable

42. [Drakken hosts an impromptu Christmas gathering] Uh, Dr. D? Are you serious?

43. “You know, I do think of us as a kind of evil family, and families stick together. So if you need me—I’ll be there for you. ” – Drakken

44. “Ready to kick some evil butt”

45. [Kim is explaining how the Seniors' reckless consumption affects others]

46. [She looks at the photo, which features Chippy in a puffy green dress, with the name "Kim Possible" under it]

47. “Don’t tell her your plan ! She always gets away when you tell her your plan !”

48. [Repeated Line] Go-operation

49. [Rufus fawns happily over them]

50. “The future is looking possible.”

51. [to Dr. Possible] Don't let him call you a lackwit!

52. [Duff Killigan's picture comes up]

53. [plasma blast hits door]

54. “Chasing villains and taking names”

55. “I’m not just a girl, I’m a supergirl.”

56. [At the Possible residence, the TV is only showing static]

57. [Monique giggles]

58. [Kim's moody]

59. Wade: “Activating parachute measures now! Oops!”

60. [Ron arrives after a long uphill bike ride]

61. [Ron gets hit by the Attitudinator]

62. [Jim and Tim duck their heads. Kim starts the car, but sees the passenger seat empty.]

63. Dr. Drakken: “These ninjas have been trained since birth in the art of inflicting humiliation. ”

64. “Yeah I’d say I’m 30% serious 70% mock” – Shego

65. [Ron and Mr. Barkin have been sealed into a crate]

66. [talking in his sleep] No monkey touch, no monkey touch...

67. “Being a hero is what I do best”

68. [seeing Hana running around the ceiling] Ronald! Did you carbo-load your sister?

69. [at a rugby match]

70. [Rufus climbs up to Ron's ear and whispers to him]

71. “Saving the world, one mission at a time.”

72. [After Kim has saved Brick]

73. [repeated lines]

74. [Kimmunicator beeps] Go, Wade.

75. [as Ron unleashes his plasma catapult at the wedding]

76. [Drakken has been defeated and is being carried away by Team Impossible when Kim arrives] You think you're all that, but they are.

77. “Don’t underestimate me, I’m Kim Possible.”

78. [goes to hug them but contains himself]

79. [dreamily] Isn't it romantic?

80. [continues crying and wailing]

81. “I’m unstoppable.”

82. [Into PA] Fifty-eight, your order's great! Fifty-nine, you're lookin' fine! Sixty, um... your food's ready.

83. “Justice never sleeps.”

84. [in unison] Here.

85. [testily] Well, that's what theories are, right?

86. “Saving the world one mission at a time.”

87. [In the Possible living room, Kim's dad is shown to have broken his leg]

88. “Don’t mess with a cheerleader who knows how to fight.”

89. [Mr. Sitdown sits on them]

90. [after spending a day at school as "Anti-Matter Boy"]

91. [Ron and Mr. Possible point at the sky.]

92. Between a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, the best idea you can think of is minimum wage? ~Kim Possible

93. [after chaining Kim, sealing her in a box, sinking the box into a lake of water filled with sharks and a giant squid, and freezing over the top of the water]

94. [Ron is having a hard time flying due to having Drakken on his back]

95. “We make a great team, Rufus.”

96. [Shego cuts Warmonga's speeder in half with her powers, sending her down into the vines where she gets tangled]

97. [one of the babies blows a raspberry at them]

98. “Booyah!” – Ron Stoppable

99. “If I wanted a dog I had to promise to take care of him. Which I will. Later!” – Dr. Drakken

100. [annoyed] Is the screaming part of your plan?

101. [Drakken and Ed steal Felix's wheelchair]

102. [Upon learning of Ron's selection as a foreign exchange student]

103. [Last lines]

104. [panicking, as usual] Aaahhh! An army of evil zombie snowmen!

105. [They both freeze when they catch sight of Bonnie. She walks up to them.]

106. [archly] And the Mona Lisa is a doodle.

107. “You ever notice ‘Mankey’ is a mere vowel away from ‘monkey!’ Just an observation!” – Ron Stoppable

108. [on the phone] I WANT MY MONEY!

109. “Ya know…In this light, you’re kinda cute. ” – Ron Stoppable

110. “Making the world a safer place, one villain at a time”

111. “So not the drama. ” – Kim Possible

112. [Ron falls on her, allowing Dementor to seize the electronic device.]

113. “Making the impossible possible”

114. [irritated] New topic, please!

115. [Shego blasts Drakken with an energy blast, and he runs away with Shego chasing him]

116. “Ready for action!”

117. “This is the weirdest Christmas ever. ” – Kim Possible

118. [When Kim comes home]

119. [she whispers] Take over the world.

120. [Kim and Shego continue fighting]

121. [dead serious] *Brigadier* Pixie.

122. “It’s not the same when I rant to myself. ” – Dr. Drakken

123. [Ron's failing ninja training]

124. “Time for your lesson, princess !”

125. “Can’t spell inspiration without procrastination” – Ron Stoppable

126. [deleted]

127. [Cuts to Band Camp]

128. [to Jilly] You annoying little poser!

129. [Kim and Nana exchange a look before kicking Drakken in the crotch instead]

130. [later, sitting alone on the couch] I am SO pathetic!

131. [Ron does so, releasing knockout gas from the jar that flattens all the goons]

132. [over the radio] Ron? Ron, are you there?

133. [The entire class laughs.]

134. [more calmly]

135. [Flashback:]

136. “Ready to take on any challenge”

137. “Oh, sure, you save the world on a regular basis, and no one remembers your name. But you lose your pants six or eight times, and they never let you live it down!” – Ron Stoppable

138. “No big.”

139. “Ready to take on whatever the world throws my way.”

140. [Motor Ed breaks into the prison]

141. [mouth full] Oh, these lemon squares are scrum-delicious! Oh... you know what? They're here, they're zombies. Might as well see what we can do with them.

142. [the girls flee, he switches arms]

143. [Shego is surprised to hear that Drakken has comped her vacation.]

144. [slyly] Nothing?

145. “Saving the world and taking names”

146. [smugly] This IS my way of telling you!

147. “Fighting crime with a smile”

148. [Shego has Kim trapped]

149. [Wade is shocked, when he sees Kim and Ron kissing. He spits his soda and falls from his chair. The kiss ends, and Ron falls slowly to the floor, extremely happy.]

150. [Amy's picture comes up]

151. [seeing Kim's expression] Wade, you better fill in some blanks, pronto!

152. Suddenly, the whole world is full of holes that people just woosh away in. ~Ron Stoppable

153. [sarcastic] Ah, yes. That explains everything.

154. [under his breath] Well, you could've fooled me.

155. [Calling roll in Statistics class] Possible.

156. “If there’s a problem, Kim Possible’s got the solution.”

157. [on the screen, the only visible in the darkness is a pair of eyes]

158. [Kim points]

159. “I’m always up for a challenge.”

160. [Ron stops eating what he thought were snack treats.]

161. [about Ron] Is he always this distracted on a mission?

162. “Saving the world, one mission at a time”

163. [after the TV has gone staticy] Dad, please!

164. [Rufus sticks a finger in his throat and gags, then blows a raspberry]

165. [Approaching the Lowardian mothership]

166. [Barkin is doing laps at the gymnasium pool, with Ron attached to his hip.]

167. [Artie enters.]

168. [in the alien ship's engine room; all yelling]

169. [after discovering that her brothers have trashed her room looking for her Kimmunicator] I'm about to become an only child!

170. “Protecting the world from evil”

171. “I’m not just a cheerleader, I’m also a hero.”

172. [annoyed] Urmm. I find your youthful optimism irritating.

173. [the Wade-Bot becomes invisible, revealing Ron hiding behind it]

174. “We’re not just a team, we’re a family.”

175. “I’m not afraid to take on any challenge, no matter how big or small.”

176. [Cut to Draken and Shego]

177. “Taking down evil, one mission at a time”

178. [He simulates playing a video game, then crashing and going down in flames; he guzzles soda, and strums a rubber band between his teeth. Finally, he's standing on his head in lotus position]

179. [from behind it Kim shoots a roast chicken at him]

180. [dejected] Oh! Always the distraction.

181. [laughing] Ah, Yankees.

182. “What am I supposed to do? Let you take over the world?” – Ron Stoppable

183. [shouts] It's very, very deep, all right? [resumes] Lastly, I shall freeze over the top of the water with a six-foot layer of solid glacial ice! [deep breath] Any questions?

184. [Ron overcame his fear to rescue Kim and Wade, and now is fleeing Shego's attacks, shrieking in terror]

185. “I’m not just a hero, I’m a role model.”

186. “I’d recognise that tacky outfit anywhere !”

187. [stammering] I-it's for nuh... nuh... nuh...

188. [Gemini and Dr. Director confront each other]

189. Wade: “Shouldn’t I just be myself?”

190. [the bus pulls away, revealing a horse-drawn wagon behind it]

191. [a forklift bursts through the crates and pins Ron to the wall]

192. [sulking] Brick... if he had just flunked senior year one more time, he'd be here to rule at my side, instead of off at college.

193. [giggles] Guess what the sitch is, Wade?

194. [examining the rocket blueprints] Huh, the Kepler specs are pretty impressive. Of course, it's all how you use it.

195. [looking at Drakken's mind-controlling shampoo]

196. [Ron and Kim both have colds.]

197. [cheerfully] Of course, once we enter the new year, the truce is over. I'm going to open a bag of freak on all of you!

198. [after Ron Stoppable has complimented Senor Senior, Sr. on his new bad-guy lagoon]

199. [after Ron scores a winning touchdown without Kim's battlesuit]

200. [gags] The hurl factor's approaching critical here...

201. [Ron sobers, and salutes]

202. [Ron gets Drakken's phone to call for help]

203. “I’m a cheerleader, I don’t have time for silly things like doubt.”

204. [Cuts to Science Camp]

205. [She tosses her hair and leaves]

206. [Kim's too tough as her brothers' soccer coach]

207. “Together, we can conquer anything.”

208. [Magic sword flies through air, tears off Ron's clothes, and smashes building]

209. [crying and wailing]

210. [dangling off of a monster truck] This is bogus, Red! A man should not be booted off his ride!

211. “Outsmarting villains since 2002”

212. [Big Daddy claps; large goon emerges from the shadows; Will Du is tossed through a window.]

213. “Fighting crime and looking good doing it”

214. [weary] Because it was obvious?

215. “I’ve got your back, Ron!”

216. [He starts to leave and turns to his "counselor."]

217. [Gallery] Pics of Kate Middleton Before She Was Royal Leave Fans in Awe

218. “I am what I is. ” – Ron Stoppable

219. “Mother, boy bands are cute. Brown Bear backpacks are cute. Ron as a cheerleader – not cute. ” – Kim Possible

220. [yelling from offscreen] "Cranked" is putting it mildly!

221. [Kim is walking, when Ron and the tweebs arrive in her car. She enters, with an annoyed face]

222. “I must return to the future before more damage is done to the time stream!” – Rufus 3000

223. [Kim's parents suggest she get a part-time job]

224. “I’m not just a girl, I’m a superhero.”

225. [Barkin berates the unhealthy-ness of Bueno Nacho]

226. [high-pitched voice] Welcome, humans and canines alike, to my annual dog show!

227. [Shego blasts him]

228. [the goons roar with laughter]

229. [Warmonga and Warhok crash into their ship which explodes, killing them. Ron lands in front of a completely speechless Kim and powers down before hugging her. Drakken arrives and looks around confused]

230. [Flash-forward]

231. [standing up behind Drakken] Hello Drakken.

232. [Ron attacks Warhok using his Mystical Monkey Powers. Warhok is no match for him]

233. [Kimmunicator beeps.]

234. [opens box to discover green jacket that she'd been saving for] You are too sweet! I love it! Thanks. [Ned, her former Bueno Nacho boss, walks up wearing identical jacket]

235. [Ron slips the judge a five-dollar bill to approve Rufus as a "Peruvian Hairless."]

236. [the laser gun shoots at Kim and it seems she is destroyed] You were a worthy foe. You were indeed all that. Farewell Kim Possible.


238. “There’s a specific no-cloning clause in my contract !”

239. [Kim erects the dome-shaped, light blue shield around her and Ron]

240. [Ron's new girlfriend goes off fearlessly to rescue some friends trapped by an evil despot] Are all girls like this, or just the ones I know?

241. [gasping] You could have planned this a little better!

242. “You’re weird—but I like you. ” – Kim Possible

243. “Time travel. It’s a cornucopia of disturbing concepts. ” – Ron Stoppable

244. “Heroes don’t always wear capes.”

245. “We haven’t stolen a darn thing.” “I’ve stolen the darn thing, Shego! Let’s go!”

246. [backstage at American Starmaker] Ron, this is so dumb, it can't work.

247. [under "Moodulator" mind control] Now, about that favour...

248. Shego: “Your most embarrassing moment happened when—?”

249. [reading Drakken's contract] "Sidekick"? I'll nae be your sidekick! You said equal partnership, fifty-fifty!

250. [Kim claps a hand to her mouth, mortified... ]

251. [writing in a notebook] Yeah, chill down, KP, it'll work.

252. “Solving problems and saving the world”

253. “I’m Kim Possible, and I can do anything”

254. [Ron is trick-or-treating in half a costume with younger kids]

255. [at the factory]

256. [Motor Ed reveals his "awesome" plan: a cross-country road trip in a hyper-sonic vehicle with "a hot babe."]

257. “I’m not just a hero, I’m an inspiration.”

258. [drops them in]

259. [dissolve to present]

260. Dr. Drakken: “Oh look, it’s Kim Possible and her friend. ”

261. “Keeping the world safe, one mission at a time”

262. [Cut to Mr. Barkin grading Ron's "biology report"]

263. [repeated Line as the Pep Puppies]

264. “You don’t deserve to be kissed by a naked mole-rat. ” – Ron Stoppable

265. [who has just endured being under mind control] DODGEBALL AND DODOS?

266. [angrily] Nein!

267. [still in Private Dobbs's body] Time to deliver my ultimatum.

268. [in Kim's body, practicing cheerleading] I think I'm getting the hang of this! And I dig this wardrobe! The breeze is quite refreshing!

269. [after Ron has defeated the aliens] What happened?

270. [Kim and Shego fight as Rufus watches helplessly. The Kimmunicator drops next to Rufus]

271. [singing] Who wants to build a robot tick? I do! I do!

272. [Having been hit with a truth ray, Kim tries to see if she can lie.]

273. “You can call me…beep me. . if you want to reach me. ” – Kim Possible

274. [lying on a couch] Okay, so Kim and I have been best buds forever. Maybe dating is the next step... [standing near a window] [standing near a window] I mean what's not to like about Kim? She's smart, cute, and... [lying on the floor] Dating could be good, you know, uh, the date thing... [sitting behind a plant] What if it tanks?

275. “I’m not just smart, I’m also brave.”

276. [the roach starts licking Ron] Hey, he likes me! Can I keep him?

277. [Warmonga has revealed that revenge was her motivation to conquer Earth]

278. [Drakken believes Kim has been vaporized]

279. “My mission is to save the world.”

280. [Kim is mad that Ron had stolen her battlesuit to secure a position on the football team]

281. “Good, then it will be my honor to collapse from exhaustion. ” – Ron Stoppable

282. [Ron is shocked to see Warhok holding an unconscious Kim]

283. Rufus 3000: “Rufus prime, what is the meaning of life?”

284. [Kim realizes she's the size of an insect, with fairy wings]

285. [Ron fumbles into a clothing rack]

286. [Kim backs away]

287. [sighs] Call me Ron-san.

288. [after helping her mother perform brain surgery]

289. [reading a catalog for jewelry] "Jimmy Ding the Bling-Bling King?" I can't believe I just said those words with a straight face!

290. [petrified] Bugs... b-big bugs...

291. “Can’t stop, won’t stop saving the world.”

292. [Wade reads a love note for Monique that Ron gave him]

293. [Motor Ed crashes into a stoplight]

294. [about Ron] Is this Yori girl dragging him around the world or something?

295. [Late at night, Monique taps into Kim's computer to reach Wade, and sees him dressed in pajamas and playing with action figures]

296. [to Ron, hissing] *Don't* even.

297. “I complain about the lemons!” – Dr. Drakken

298. [stunned] That is one tough mutant flower.

299. [Ron has been scarfing snacks from a bag, then hears Professor Acari talking about his research on the nutritional value of insects]

300. “Everyday hero, just doing my thing.”

301. “We’re unstoppable when we work together.”

302. [Ron is trying to get a date for the school dance]

303. [looks over her shoulder] Yes! [Monkey Fist comes flying at her]

304. “Taking down bad guys like it’s my job”

305. “Can’t spell inspiration without procrastination. ” – Ron Stoppable

306. [dials phone]

307. [first lines]

308. [grumbles, then] Very well. Where's my checkbook?

309. [in the Mathter's hideout]

310. [in Kim's body] Point taken Dr. P. But how else do you explain my bare midriff?

311. [hanging above a vat of melted chocolate]

312. [saying goodbye to Roachie] Roachie, you're the best dog-sized insect a guy could ever want. I know we've bonded, I feel like an honorary bug, but it's better if you're with your friends. I'll come visit you! And I'll think of you every time I step on something crunchy.

313. [Kim finally caught up with Ron at her locker]

314. [reading contract] "Kimberly Ann Possible, who shall be known as the Car Monkey..."

315. [pushes her way through the talent show line] Step aside, people. This is all just a formality. My older sibs have won the this contest the last four years straight. I am not about to break the Rockwaller family tradition.

316. [widen to show Dementor holding a tinted flashlight under his face]

317. [about Ron's "Naco Royalties Check"] Open it, Ron. Maybe it's big enough for you to grande size.

318. “It’s what I do and nobody’s going to stop me!” – Kim Possible

319. [widen to show the pilot's chair is empty, and the helicopter being steered by remote control]

320. [Her tail grabs a barbell and flings it at Monkey Fist's gut, knocking him backward]

321. [nervously] Uh... uh... you got it! I-I'll just go check the security monitors. Hey, you know that evil laugh of yours? I-I love it! *Love* it!

322. [Kim throws Ron a small jar]

323. [later]

324. “Who says heroes can’t have fun?”

325. [worried] I think he's evil now.

326. “Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me.”

327. “For a guy who supposed to be a mad genius, I’m not seeing much of the genius.”

328. “How many times can two people break up and get back together?” – Kim Possible

329. [laughing] You're a Pixie den mother!

330. [Ron shuts the locker door on him]

331. [Ron runs off with Kim furiously giving chase]

332. Shego: “Where’s Possible?”

333. [Ron imagines himself the subject of a black-and-white film, shot at the turn of the century.]

334. [pushing flyer of ron being a loser at his chest, unimpressed] That's L to the O to the hiz-ER.

335. [pause] OK, it is what you think.

336. “Can’t stop, won’t stop, it’s the Kim Possible way.”

337. “I have a mission, and I’m sticking to it”

338. [on the phone] Yes, information? I'd like the number for 911 immediately, please!

339. [being led by a prospector through mountainous area on donkeys]

340. [Kim and Rufus try to reach the dance but arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge]

341. [Drakken, Shego, Ron, and the Possible Family around a fire in an igloo at the north pole]

342. “Villains beware, Kim Possible is here.”

343. [Ron opens the envelope, and his eyes bug out when he sees the check.]

344. [the room shuts down]

345. [shivering] Uhhh... monkeys.

346. [about their costumes for infiltrating the Supervillain Trade Show]

347. [from his chair] Stoppable, how did you get in my house?

348. [Junior presses three]

349. [Pause]

350. [On a speeding train.]

351. “Feeling unstoppable, just like Kim Possible.”

352. “I don’t do ordinary, I do extraordinary”

353. [after Ron has been hit by the Attitudinator]

354. [threatening] Yeah, I got your green, felt-face!

355. [Last lines of the series]

356. [voice-over] Part nacho, part taco, all delicious.

357. [Wade confronts Se?or Senior Sr. over his stolen "cupid ray"]

358. [offhandedly] Sorry. Can't hear you. Intruder alert too loud.

359. [Stuffs an entire can of chips into his mouth]

360. [shrugs] I do what I can.

361. [shivering] Uh, for once, couldn't we just, like, land, and, you know, taxi to a gate or something?

362. [Ron and Kim are eating al fresco at Bueno Nacho] What's wrong, KP? You won.

363. “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me”

364. “I am Rufus 3000. I have come for you from the future. ” – Rufus 3000

365. [Kim kisses Ron on the cheek]

366. [message cuts off]

367. [talking about Kim's date with Ron]

368. Mrs. Possible: “You were a big help in there Kimmie, and you didn’t faint once. ”

369. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. ~Ron Stoppable

370. [finding Dementor's lair]

371. [Beat] Well, do you?

372. “I’m not afraid to take on any challenge.”

373. [laughing] Oh, Stoppable-san! You make danger comical with your American-style buffoonery.

374. “Saving the world, one bad guy at a time.”

375. [In a volcanic lair.]

376. [Cut to henchmen doing their usual incompetant stuff]

377. “There’s no problem too big for us to solve.”

378. “No mission is impossible for Kim Possible”

379. “Just another day saving the world”

380. “I’m more than just a pretty face.”

381. [taking a magazine quiz] Your most embarrassing moment happened when...?

382. [Shego enters]

383. [laughs sarcastically] Yeah, can you imagine, Drew Lipsky?

384. You can call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. ~Kim PossibleKim Possible sayings

385. [faking static] Sorry - kkk! Can't - kkk! - hear - kkk! - you!

386. [Shego takes the wheel of the "Doom-V"]

387. “Oh, nap time. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. ” – Ron Stoppable

388. “Yes, information? I’d like the number for 911 immediately, please!” – Ron Stoppable

389. “Ready for anything that comes my way.”

390. [Ron fires a grappling hook, which tears his pants off.]

391. [Kim and Nana raise their fists to strike]

392. “Anything is possible for a possible.”

393. [Last lines - Ron fears being hit with another "cupid ray"]

394. [after Barkin announces the Senior Trip's change of location]

395. [Shego says all of her lines without stopping her nail-filing] Fish or Fishes.

396. “Ya know—in this light, you’re kinda cute. ” – Ron Stoppable

397. [whistles] Nice save!

398. [Kim sneezes right into Shego's face.]

399. [When Ron is discovered in Monkey Fist's lair, Wade activates his Bot's stealth mode again, revealing Ron again]

400. [to Drakken, after escaping his elaborate death trap] Which part of "she can do anything" do you not comprehend?

401. “That’s Dementor’s real name.” “He uses a fake name?” “Yeah, can you imagine, Drew Lipsky?”

402. Shego: “You know, for someone who is supposedly a mad genius I’m not seeing much of the genius. ”

403. “Bringing justice to the world, one mission at a time”

404. [panicking] What? Why? What do you know?

405. “Taking down evil like it’s my job”

406. [shudders] Never again!

407. [explaining his evil plan] And there is nothing you can do to stop me, Kim Possible! NOTHING!

408. Kim Possible: “I think someone owes me a diversion, of the dating kind. ”

409. “I fight crime in style.”

410. [confused] Well... well, no, now that you mention it. And yet my instruments very clearly say the suit is here. With that, what is up?

411. [Both look up to see Kim tearing the float open]

412. [reads label] "Lather, Rinse, Obey!" Hmm, points for full disclosure.

413. [about Professor Dementor masquerading as a little old lady]

414. [pouting] Tonight's the night of the big Middleton Days festival, and I don't have a date.

415. [Ed goes past with Shego in tow]

416. [overjoyed] Oh, I thought you'd never ask!

417. [Ron is interrupted, when Kim begins to kiss him. After a brief confusion, Ron gives in and kisses her back]

418. [Henchman look confused]

419. “Never underestimate a girl with a mission”

420. “I’m not just a sidekick, I’m a hero too.”

421. “I’m always on the move, saving the world.”

422. “Ready to take on the world, one mission at a time.”

423. “I’m always ready for a challenge.”

424. “Every hero needs a sidekick, and Ron is mine.”

425. [Kim hits a switch, shutting the hatch to the launch tube. The pollution machine crashes, and the lair is destroyed. Cut to later, inside a space station.]

426. “I’m your basic average girl, and I’m here to save the world.”

427. [after Shego leaves for her vacation]

428. “I’m not just saving the world, I’m making it a safer place.”

429. [Barkin appears out of the other end of the machine, torso and above, apparently naked]

430. “I believe Stoppable-san is your destiny Kim Possible, like change we must always welcome destiny. ” – Yori

431. [to herself] So close.

432. [chuckles] You look in the mirror lately?

433. “The world’s coolest spy”

434. [about her battlesuit] Sorry, Professor, I'm not wearing it.

435. “I’m not just fighting for myself, I’m fighting for what’s right.”

436. “I like kissy face!” – Shego

437. [In the distance, Camille shrieks at finding Rufus in her pet carrier]

438. [Cut back to Kim and Ron]

439. [After Drakken has been messed up by the advanced home appliances]

440. [kisses Ron on the cheek]

441. “Bringing justice to the world”

442. [sarcastically] Ooh, scary man.

443. Can’t spell inspiration without procrastination. ~Ron Stoppablequotes from Kim Possible

444. “Making the world a safer place”

445. “Defending the world from evil, one mission at a time”

446. “Fighting for what’s right”

447. “The world’s most badass teenage spy”

448. “I am clearly not cut out to help people make life choices.” “I wouldn’t be too sure. You helped me choose... you.” “Okay, that time I was a genius.”

449. It’s not the same when I rant to myself. ~Dr. Drakken

450. [as Rufus takes remote control of the battlesuit while Dementor is wearing it]

451. “Saving the world, one villain at a time”

452. [Ron gives Wade romantic advice]

453. [during halftime]

454. “I’m your basic average girl.”

455. [after Yono defeats his ninjas, Monkey Fist confronts him]

456. ["Honey" shape-shifts into Camille. Kim and the whole audience gasp.]

457. [Drakken and Ron are fighting over the control panel of Drakken's ship, hitting buttons at random]

458. [Kim and Ron are driving through the woods on Ron's scooter]

459. “Making the world a better place, one mission at a time”

460. “Suddenly, the whole world is full of holes that people just woosh away in. ” – Ron Stoppable

461. “I’m unstoppable, and so is my team.”

462. “Kim Possible has something that belongs to us!” – Shego

463. [Pauses]

464. [laughs nervously] Well... really it's some old parsley I found in the dumpster, but...

465. [a quartet of Girl Scouts stands and salute]

466. [while Ron does his 'Mad Dog' routine] You like him?

467. “Um, okay, maybe the whole trying-to-act-cool thing isn’t your best option right now. ” – Kim Possible

468. [In the cafeteria line]

469. [at the gymnasium pool]

470. [to his henchmen] I send you to do one simple thing, one! Steal the atmos freezer. And why didn't you? "The door was locked." OF COURSE THE DOOR WAS LOCKED! Super-secret think-tanks aren't known for their open door policies!

471. [turns the lights on]

472. [Kim, Ron, and Jim & Tim are about to go on a plane trip]

473. “Saving the world is just another day in the life of Kim Possible.”

474. “I know I’m going to regret saying this, but you may have finally achieved ‘so dumb it just might work. ’” – Shego

475. “Mom swore off school projects after the paper machete incident.” “Don’t you mean ‘papier-mâché’?” “I wish I did, Kim. I wish I did.” -> this one’s my absolute favourite.

476. [Ron has to go to school inside an "anti-matter" ball.]

477. “I’m Kim Possible, and I’m here to save the day”

478. [Kim catches Bonnie kissing Ron.]

479. “Sitch in time, let’s rock!”

480. [alarm klaxons sound]

481. [Kim and Monique are on the phone with each other]

482. “I’m not just a fighter, I’m a winner.”

483. “The world’s most epic crime-fighter”

484. [wearily] Welcome to extreme babysitting, Kim.

485. [Ron and Ned circle each other before coming to a halt]

486. [groans] Oh, Kim's SO gonna blame me.

487. “It’s not easy being a hero, but someone’s got to do it.”

488. [after they had their brains switched]

489. [He slams his fist down on the "fire" button, but only molten cheese pours out.]

490. [confused] Well, that doesn't make any sense... where did you get your numbers?

491. [Wade holds a remote for a laser grid] You don't have this place wired!

492. [romantically] Shhh. I like weird.

493. [Rufus stuffs the biscuit in Ron's mouth]

494. [meeting a giant cockroach] Hey, look. That one's lost. Hey, little guy. You okay?

495. “If the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill it with water?”

496. “I’m not just a teenager, I’m also a superhero.”

497. [Kim and Ron are tied above a pool of electric eels]

498. “I’m not just a teenage girl, I’m a crime-fighting machine.”

499. “I’m not just any ordinary cheerleader.”

500. [Brick appears]

501. “But the danger to the time stream—it’s impossible. ” – Rufus 3000

502. [While a shocked Kim and Shego watch, Ron beats up Warhok and Warmonga, even levitating at one point before finally throwing them into the air]

503. [Yori enters]

504. [Fuming, Kim signs her brothers' contract]

505. [it explodes in Ron's face]

506. [after Ron finds out she's jealous of Ron's new friend] Was it that obvious?

507. [Drakken tosses the PDVI in an air vent then begins to walk away as Dementor follows]

508. [he laughs, his face illuminated by a red light]

509. [talking about Felix's cyber-robotic wheelchair]

510. [stranded at the North Pole without food, Ron finds a half-eaten chicken leg in the escape pod's garbage]

511. [the doors to the lair explode and Team Impossible emerges with Dementor]

512. [Ron turns in his assignment for Health Class, returning his "Flour Baby" after replacing it thirty-plus times.]

513. “On a mission to save the world”

514. “I’m not just a girl, I’m a legend.”

515. [points at Kim's mission clothes] Wearing that? How tacky.

516. [Tim nods in agreement]

517. [cut to Bonnie and Monique on the deck of Barkin's ship]

518. [Kim & Ron kiss passionately as the car flies off to the moon]

519. [Drakken walks over to his desk and slouches into the chair]

520. “Okay, I know this is beyond shallow, but I saved the world and I’m no closer to owning that Club Banana jacket. ” – Kim Possible

521. [whining] Kim, he's trying to get away and he's kicking me!

522. “Oh, no, no, no. You are not going to jack some kid’s wheelchair!” – Shego

523. “I’m not just brave, I’m also brilliant.”

524. [They charge, Ron stops him]

525. [looks] Lip gloss?

526. [Ron has poured nachos onto a tortilla]

527. “I’m not just a girl, I’m a superhero”

528. [Back in reality:]

529. [Drakken startles an arctic drill worker]

530. [does so]

531. “Since when are itchy feet good?” – Ron Stoppable

532. It’s what I do and nobody’s going to stop me! ~Kim Possiblebest Kim Possible captions

533. Ron Stoppable: “Look KP, I just want to keep you safe, because if you got hurt, it’s too big a loss to compute. ”

534. [Holds up arm]

535. [touched] That's the most weirdly romantic thing you've ever said to me!

536. “Now I say something sarcastic. Gee, I’ve gotta couple options here. Wanna pick?”

537. [working on crossword puzzle] What's an eight-letter word for 'indifference?'

538. “Here to save the day”

539. [looks] Uh... yes. Lip gloss.

540. [surveying the wreckage of Ron's house after they've finally gotten Hana to bed] How did she...? I mean she's just a...!... and the walking on the ceiling! Ron, the ceiling?

541. [after Drakken buys the machine]

542. [pops another one into his mouth]

543. “Protecting the world from villains, one mission at a time”

544. [nervous chuckle]

545. [glaring at Ron] Really? I haven't.

546. “Ready for whatever comes my way”

547. [He presses a button and his henchman listen]

548. “You can call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. ” – Kim Possible

549. [while moving into his new lair, the phone rings]

550. [sarcastic] Yeah, maybe that's the answer! Sing the world into submission!

551. [laughs nervously]

552. [Ron accidentally finds the entrance to the lair]

553. “I’m always on call, ready for action.”

554. [thinking he's cool] Hi. I'm Ron. That's R to the O to the hiz-N!

555. [scene cuts to all the students running out of the school screaming]

556. “Mission accomplished, time to celebrate!”

557. [The two race off and end up at the Statue of Liberty. Kim sighs, giving up]

558. [imitating Sally from q:

559. [When he is freed from the anti-matter ball, Ron and Kim hug.]

560. [on Ron's mascot costume]

561. [Repeated Line if someone is blatantly obvious] Hicka-bicka-Duhh?

562. [Ron mugs for the security cameras to provide a distraction]

563. [repeated Line] Do you know who I am?

564. “We’re a force to be reckoned with.”

565. [Drakken gasps as his lair explodes.]

566. [Kim and Shego have been freed from Drakken's control]

567. [Shego chases Drakken away]

568. [gasps] The gyroscopic control unit! Where did you get this?

569. [Re:

570. “Spying never looked so good”

571. [Mrs. Possible comes in]

572. [At a wrestling match]

573. “Villains, beware of the cheerleader.”

574. “I’m not just a sidekick, I’m also a leader.”

575. [beat] Cure the common cold.

576. [gasps] Shego, that's it! Yes! No, really, this time, trust me!

577. “Between a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, the best idea you can think of is minimum wage?” – Kim Possible

578. [A compartment opens, revealing a toothbruth in a glass, and a teddy bear sitting on a folded set of pajamas.]

579. [outside, the whole school shakes as Kim...]

580. [just before dropping Ron and Kim into a tank of sharks]

581. “I’m ready to take on the world, are you?”

582. [carrying all their bags] Oh, good. Then it will be my honor to collapse from exhaustion.

583. [Gallery] Twiggy Was a Supermodel & This is Her at 73

584. “Kim Possible. She can do anything” (Jan 7, 2013).

585. “I’m not just a spy, I’m a superhero.”

586. [A fax appears on Wade's machine.]

587. [via Communicator]

588. [Drakken and Shego are undercover in Florida as ice cream vendors]

589. “I’m a cheerleader by day, crime-fighter by night.”

590. “Drop the hot sauce and step away from the nose”

591. “Who says being a hero isn’t fashionable?”

592. “Have I been placed on this earth to suffer?” – Ron Stoppable

593. “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. ” – Ron Stoppable

594. [in a high-flying jet]

595. [He gasps]

596. “If you need me, you know who to call”

597. [she kisses Ron deeply; Wade appears on her computer]

598. [Ron ducks inside a parade float to hide from an emotionally unstable Kim only to find Drakken hiding from an emotionally unstable Shego]

599. [still worried] You'd be... surprised.

600. “I may be small, but I’m mighty.”

601. [Working at the Mexican restaurant]

602. “Don’t underestimate the power of Team Possible.”

603. [Ron and Drakken are stranded at the North Pole]

604. “I’m a hero, not a zero”

605. “Deep breath and take the plunge. ” – Kim Possible

606. “No mission is too difficult for Team Possible.”

607. [Kim recently foiled a crooked deal between Killigan and Drakken]

608. [happily] Steal Christmas.

609. [After Joss, Kim's obsessed cousin, recognizes Rufus, but not Ron.]

610. “Never be normal! That’s the Ron Stoppable motto. ” – Ron Stoppable

611. [after capturing Dr. Possible and Ron] So, we've got a new team here: the genius and the lackwit.

612. [Rufus pops up, wearing a mask likeness of Kim]

613. “Stand back! I’m Zorpox the Conqueror!” – Ron Stoppable

614. “Spying, saving, and slaying”

615. [scoffs] So, video games.

616. “So not the drama.”

617. [seeing Bonnie kissing Ron] WHAT-IS-THE-SITCH?

618. [After Jim and Tim end up in the hospital]

619. “Yeah, you know, all that stuff was bad, KP. But you know what was worse? Spending a whole summer away from you. ” – Ron Stoppable

620. [In the woods as the train with the synthoplasma draws near.]

621. [Ron is ambushed by monkey ninjas]

622. [gasp adoringly] Ron!

623. “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.”

624. “Fighting for good, not for glory”

625. “Fighting crime in style”

626. [Kim, her friends, Franklin Barkin and Bonnie defeat Drakken]

627. [Kim and Ron are bolted to a machine]

628. “The knuckle dragging ying to my knuckle headed yang. ” – Ron Stoppable

629. [Shego attacks Drakken with her energy blasts. Drakken runs away screaming]

630. [repeated line]

631. “Mission accomplished”

632. [shivering] Please!

633. [Kim is trying to make plans for the evening] Sorry Kim. I've got OT at Club Banana tonight. Did you try Tara?

634. “Don’t mess with Team Possible.”

635. [charges up and fires multiple times. Ron avoids beams and steals personality reverser]

636. “I’m not just saving the world, I’m making it a better place.”

637. [to Shego] You!

638. So not the drama. ~Kim Possible

639. [Kim appears behind him, tying her graduation sash around her waist]

640. [hide]

641. I can do anything. ~Kim Possible

642. ‘Impossible?’ Check my name. – Kim Possible

643. [skeptical] Really?

644. “I’m a hero in training.”

645. [While Kim is watching the TV]

646. [She hits a button, and the cockpit canopy pops off]

647. [Shego and Kim fall on top of Ron and Drakken]

648. “Sidekicks need to know their place… right?” – Ron Stoppable

649. [nervously] Only when I'm absolutely sure he won't.

650. [she hugs them]

651. [about Ron's "Mad Dog" mascot costume]

652. [Drakken follows the cable leading behind some crates, and motions to his henchmen]

653. [surrounded by singing puppets] This is *so* worse than moopy.

654. “Living the spy life”

655. [unamused] Friend.

656. [rubs his eyes because of all the lights] Right. Yeah, yeah, I caught that.

657. [Adrena Lynn's broadcast appears on the Kimmunicator]

658. [Shego and Warmonga charge each other]

659. “The knuckle-dragging ying to my knuckleheaded yang. ” – Ron Stoppable

660. [Kim glares at him]

661. [Shego chases Drakken out of the lair]

662. [Drakken and Ron are stranded at the North Pole]

663. “What’s the sitch?” – Kim Possible

664. [On the "Wadebot" monitor, Ron is running from a giant mutant flower.]

665. “The hero the world needs”

666. [reading from Ron's notebook] "Yo, listen up, hap a holler from Ron?"

667. “Saving the world with my trusty gadgets”

668. “I think some serious physics just happened!” – Ron Stoppable

669. [chuckles nervously] Are you kidding me? You know, I know the basic boyfriend rules, Kim. Your new haircut is fabulous! And those slacks are very flattering!

670. Oh, nap time. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. ~Ron Stoppable

671. [after Ron loses his pants avoiding flying monkey teeth]

672. “I’m not just any ordinary teenager.”

673. [after being defeated] I was gonna be the Supreme Overlord of this magical world. Now what'll I do?

674. [after her latest brush with Motor Ed] No mocking the hair.

675. “I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.”

676. [Ron is afraid to leave his panic room to answer Kim's distress call]

677. [indicates her cheerleading outfit] Hello? Does it *look* like I'm wearing full-body armor?

678. [very stern] Black hole deep, Ronald.

679. [Ron has brought the Ray-X to the Possible house]

680. [Wade arranges a helicopter ride out to the Seniors' island]

681. [Kim and Monique look sceptically at him]

682. “Fighting for justice and taking down villains”

683. [Having been humiliated in front of Bonnie.]

684. [points to the contract] Page 6, subparagraph 3: "Gloating is to be allowed."

685. [after seeing an ad for "The Attitudinator"]

686. [shouts] She's not my girlfriend!