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How to grow your business by replacing yourself

Business growth is stifled when you have too much on your plate.

What we tend to do is react by trying to get things off our plate but we end up dumping things on other people around us.

So there's a problem here because it's me feeling burdened by too much to do or my people feeling burdened by having too much to do.

Neither promotes business growth.

Instead, think longer term and start replacing yourself today. Replacing yourself is different than dumping things on others, or keeping things from others.

The key to replacing yourself is to have both you and the person you're training up working on the things you're doing at the same time. This allows them to watch you and help you before taking on the tasks themselves.

If you want extreme multiplication in your business growth then the key is to coach the person 'replacing you' to replace themselves, too.

The first step in replacing yourself is to decide who to invest in on your team.

Do you have difficult people on your team? Find out how to get them to step up or step out within four weeks by downloading my book Step Up or Step Out today.

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