• Jonno White

It’s like cocaine…

Don’t worry, I’m not here to encourage drug use!

Instead, I want to encourage you to try cold therapy if you haven’t already.

The amazing thing about immersing yourself in an ice bath, or for amateurs like me, spending 2-3 mins under cold water in the shower…

It gives you a dopamine increase (the motivation chemical) of approximately 200% over the next couple of hours.

Here’s the cocaine link.

That increase is the same dopamine increase a person gets when they do cocaine… but obviously without the horrendous side effects of doing a dangerous drug.

One of the reasons cocaine and other drugs are so dangerous is they increase dopamine but then crash it afterwards.

Ready for another amazing fact?

Cold immersion or a cold shower gives you that 200% increase in dopamine WITHOUT the crash afterwards.

Using this knowledge can help you get motivation when you’re feeling down.

For me, I’m right now looking at having a 3 minute cold shower first thing in the morning and then again after lunch to help me feel high energy naturally.

If you’re wrinkling your forehead and don’t believe any of this, go and read the book Dopamine Nation by Lembke, a psychiatrist from Stanford and take her word for it, not mine.

Then, the next time you’re feeling low energy or motivation, jump in a shower, start it warm and then turn it cold with a 3 minute timer and monitor how it affects you for the next few hours.

It’s the cool thing to do! ;)

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